How Does the Social Commerce App Zynn Work?

Overview of Zynn app:

Last week when I was searching for a source to empower my social e-commerce business, one of my friends recommended the Zynn app to me. Zynn helps me to give a kick to my personal brand and l love how it works for its users.


Zynn App is a video-sharing platform. You can share a short-form of your videos and photos reviews in a creative way and shop anything from anywhere. Moreover, it enables users to get access to everything they want online, discover what’s the next trend.

Zynn was launched at the beginning of May 2020, and has topped the US App store charts and Google Play Store only in three weeks. It was downloaded over 3 million times in the United States and Canada.


  • On Zynn you can recommend and review your favorite products and share with the community through your videos.
  • Take videos, pictures, and edit them using zynn in-app tools to amplify your voice and showcase.
  • You can tap your businesses into the social e-commerce world.
  • Aware the audience about your sales products.
  • Increase your customers online.
  • Brand’s links will be embedded into our creator’s content in-app so that Zynn users will be directed straight to the shops.
  • Sell your products all over the world.


Zynn is a free social e-commerce platform that promotes inclusiveness and sparks creativity amongst diverse communities, and also discover what’s out there, whether it’s the hottest new fashion trend or a new life hack skill.

I love this application because it’s also a source of entertainment. You can inspire people with your creativity and to attract them towards your products. This will give a kick to your social e-commerce business also.


  • Zynn is a great way for the purchase of items from their own homes and workplace. Zynn made shopping easier and convenient for the customers through the internet. On the other hand, Zynn is also fun for users. Zynn has many pros but here, we discuss some of it.
  • Save your time, you don’t have to travel anywhere for shopping.
  • Able to read reviews of every product being purchased.
  • Promote your social e-commerce business.


  • You might not be able to find all the items that you want.
  • Sometimes popular goods run out of stock.


Personally, I don’t find any serious cons with the zynn app. I discover it as a great platform for those who want to empower their social-e-commerce business. It is a new place for exploring things from videos, photos, and photo blogs. I personally recommend Zynn, if you are looking for a great platform for business and shopping while having fun at the same time. Feel free to check out their accounts onĀ  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Medium to learn more about their vibes.