How does online bingo compare to live bingo?

When it comes to playing bingo on your computer or smartphone, there are two main forms of the game – standard online bingo and live online bingo. If you’re wondering what the differences are between the two, look no further – we are going to be taking a look at exactly that.

Read on to find out how online bingo compares to live bingo or play over here!

Standard Online Bingo

The standard version of online bingo is what you are probably used to playing. You will have a chatroom to communicate with fellow players, but the numbers that are called out depend on an RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, meaning there is no human host involved in the game of bingo. There are tons of excellent reasons people choose to play standard online bingo:

Online bingo can be played on almost every casino game site and any time!

Online bingo hosts all sorts of sign-up and other exclusive bonuses you won’t find in the bingo hall

Tons of online bingo rooms means that you will never have to queue for a game!

Overall, online bingo is ultimately exactly like the traditional bingo experience, except instead of being in a noisy hall you’ll be playing it from the comfort of your own home in a chatroom!

Live Online Bingo

You should know all about standard online bingo by now, but live online bingo is a little bit different. The key difference here is the word ‘live’, which means that the bingo game takes place in a real-life bingo hall with a real bingo host through a webcam! This bingo call could be in the UK or it could be in Las Vegas, but players from all around the world can log on and get the traditional bingo experience from the comfort of their own home. There are tons of reasons that people prefer live online bingo to standard online bingo:

  Live Online Bingo use webcams to provide a real host in a real bingo hall, and this provides a more realistic and authentic bingo experience for many

Live Online Bingo hosts will generally be born entertainers – they’re not just there for the sake of it, they are great hosts and will make your experience a lot more fun!

  Sometimes the hosts can even shout out random bonuses, something that doesn’t tend to happen on online bingo!

There aren’t really any negatives to live online bingo, unless for some reason you don’t want to see the bingo host on webcam! If this is the case however, you can simply turn it off – brilliant.


Overall, we have to say that live bingo is ultimately better than standard online bingo in our opinion! The reason for this is simple – live bingo provides a real host in a real bingo hall via webcam, and this comes with tons of benefits. There’s no bad side to it, so why not give it a go today! Live bingo halls were huge in 2021, so we have no doubt that you will be able to find TONS to play today.