Home Makeover Trends to Look out for This 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of people to work from home. As we spent longer hours indoor throughout 2020, we found ourselves reimagining a living space that provides more comfort and meets our new lifestyle. Whether you want to create a functional home office or get your home a facelift in general, home makeovers are going to ramp up their game this year. With more Canadians taking up remote working positions, many are looking forward to big home renovations or repairs. 

To help you kickstart your project, we have tapped into a world of trendy home improvement and decorating ideas for your 2021 reno projects. 

  • Work-from-Home Sanctuary – The demand for workspace renovation will largely increase in the post-COVID world. People will devote more time and effort to transforming some area in their house into a unique working space that will boost their focus and productivity. Updating the colours, decors, and furniture in the room also has a significant effect on your mental state. Research shows the bright lighting can make people feel livelier, while ambient sounds help improve focus. Regular replacement of Air Purifiers Toronto home does not only help improve the air quality but also boost your health and productivity.
  • Bathroom Sanctuary – Bathroom bidet is making a comeback, and many homeowners have embraced this latest trend in modern bathroom design. Although the hygienic showers have almost put an end to the bidet. However, this retro plumbing apparatus has gained back traction in the bathroom trend. Motivated by environmental concerns, installing a bidet attachment for your toilet helps reduce paper products by cleansing the parts of your body toilet paper might otherwise touch. Other popular elements homeowners are adding to their bathrooms include heated floors, freestanding tubs, and wet rooms. To complete the comfort of your bathroom sanctuary, make sure your septic system is fully functional. Have it inspected annually to maintain system health and sewage level. Sites like https://plumbingauthority.ca/septic-repair-caledon/ help homeowners address potential septic problems ASAP. 
  • Recreational Rooms – Since we are more likely to be spending more time at home for a good portion of 2021, building a recreational room in our home is a way to go in 2021. Many homeowners are looking to transform unused spaces into entertainment rooms during the pandemic. Some turned their attention to the basements and turned them into recreational rooms. Basement remodel projects are expected to be in high demand more and more over the next year.
  • Wood Pallet Furniture – Wood pallet furniture continues to be a hot trend over the years. In addition to being cost-effective, wood pallets can be used as eco-friendly home furnishing and decors. Many homeowners buy new pallets and turn them into cool, modern furniture pieces, such as stunning coffee tables, kitchen islands, sofas, and shelves, due to the design statement they make.
  • Indoor Garden – Many people are bringing plants into their homes. Indoor gardens do not only boost the overall appearance of your space but also help improve moods, minimize stress, and get rid of air pollutants. Creating an indoor garden gives your somewhere to escape without leaving the comforts of your home. 
  • Rustic Kitchen Tiles – Say goodbye to smooth porcelain glasses in 2021. Handcrafted ceramic tilings with uniform colourful backsplashes give your kitchen a trendy look this year. You can achieve this look by either creating backsplashes or cover the entire wall with rustic tiles. However, it all depends on your budget. Handcrafted tiles can be costly but there are several cost-effective approaches that you can use. Just make sure to complete the look using a trendy colour, such as indigo blue. 
  • Grand Millenial Style – The grand millennial style is a new design trend in 2021 that combines modern and dated decor, the kind of style that brings pure nostalgia to your home. This ode to old-school home design trend incorporates traditional details on upholstery and cushions in monochromatic or analogous colour combinations. You can use an earthy colour palette of saturated hues to achieve an organic, casual feel. 
  • Industrial Design – Incorporating an industrial style into your home means using unique textures and neutral hues to bring out an old factory feel. The design requires the use of stonework, neutral colours, metal elements, wood, and high ceilings to create a bold statement. To achieve this home makeover design, you need to knock down some walls to create an open floor plan that allows your living room to meet your dining area and kitchen. Use metal accents that highlight the rustic industrial feel. Exposed pipes and brickwork and wide-open space are among the basic features of an industrial-chic design. Use earth colour of beige, cream, camel, sand, baby blue, and nude to complete the industrial look in your home.

Nothing is more refreshing than giving your home a makeover this year. Revamping your living space does not only help uplift your spirit but also increases your home’s resale value. Create a warm and comfortable space you love to chill in and is worth coming back to.