Here’s Everything You Need To Know If You Are Traveling With THC Vape Pen

If you’re traveling with a THC Vape pen, it’s probably because you enjoy using it. However, there are many different rules surrounding what you can and cannot do while flying within Canada or the United States. The rules are strict but if you follow them carefully then there shouldn’t be any problems!

Starting out

If you have ever used a vape pen, then you probably know the feeling. There’s the slight buzz that comes from inhaling and the euphoric sensation that follows. But what is THC? And why does it matter if your cannabis product contains CBD? What are some of the risks associated with using a vape pen, especially in countries where marijuana is illegal?

First things first: A vape pen is just another name for an e-cigarette or personal vaporizer (PV). The main difference between these two devices lies in their potential uses. While both e-cigarettes and PVs allow users to inhale nicotine or marijuana—or even both at once—the latter can also be used as a delivery system for other substances like THC-infused oils and CBDs (cannabidiol).

Read the rules so you don’t get in trouble.

Read the rules so you don’t get in trouble. Rules vary by airline, country, state, city, airport and security checkpoint. The TSA agent who is checking your bag could have a different interpretation of what they can confiscate than the TSA agent who checks it at your destination.

If you are traveling with a THC vape pen and don’t want to chance getting it confiscated, follow these tips:

Keep your vape pen concealed at all times, and don’t use it in front of any law enforcement officers.

Before you go, make sure to keep your vape pen concealed at all times. Don’t show it to law enforcement officers or use it in front of them. If you are stopped by police, do not share your vape pen with anyone else or let them handle it—even if they ask nicely and insist that they just want to see what’s inside. They will not return the vape pen once they have gotten hold of it, and if you’re caught with an illegal substance in your possession while traveling abroad, this could result in arrest or deportation back home!

When passing through security, make sure that the TSA agent knows that your vape pen is just an empty housing, and keep this fact with you in writing if possible.

If you are traveling with a vape pen, it is important that you tell the TSA agent if they ask. They will not know if they do not ask and may confiscate your vape pen. Make sure to explain that it contains no THC-based products and there is nothing dangerous inside of it. It’s also helpful to mention that this device does not contain any explosive materials (even though by its own definition, a “vape pen” is an e-cigarette). If you think you might have trouble explaining what exactly your vape pen does or why it is different from other e-cigarettes, then bring along something printed out which explains this as well. You can also consider bringing along an empty housing for the device so that the TSA agent can show their satisfaction with something tangible rather than simply hearing about how great these devices are for helping people breathe better during their travels!

If the vape pen was shipped to you via mail, and the package has been opened by customs before it got to you, then consider disposing of it.

If the vape pen was shipped to you via mail, and the package has been opened by customs before it got to you, then consider disposing of it. If a vape pen has not been used in any way at all, there is no reason why you can’t simply dispose of it along with any other garbage.

While traveling via plane

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is able to open vape pen packages if they suspect that there is something illegal inside. However, the TSA does not have authority to open or inspect vape pens without cause. The best way to ensure your security and that of your possessions is simply by following these guidelines:

  • Make sure the liquid content in your package is under 100 milliliters
  • Do not carry any vaping device containing cannabis or cannabis products on your person or in carry-on baggage (this includes concentrates and oils)
  • If a TSA officer opens your package and sees cannabis or cannabis products inside, you will be subject to a fine of up to $7,500

For domestic flights (flights within Canada) you are allowed to take your vape pen if you can prove that it contains no THC-based products.

If you are travelling within Canada and your vape pen only contains CBD, then you will be allowed to take it with you.

However, if you do not have proof that it contains no THC-based products—even if they are in an empty form—it won’t be allowed through security. In this case, the TSA will confiscate your vape pen and hand out harsh penalties.

If you don’t want to risk losing your vape pen (or having it confiscated), then make sure it’s empty before flying!

You’ll also need to keep the device in carry-on luggage so that if anything happens during flight time, it doesn’t get lost along with everything else that gets lost in transit.


So, if you’re planning to travel with your vape pen, make sure it’s empty. If it has THC oil in there, then you should probably dispose of it before passing through security at the airport. If your vape pen is not empty, however (and you’re flying within Canada), then there shouldn’t be any problems getting through security since they’ve already been informed that it only contains an empty housing.