Here’s a Quick Way to Choose the Right Bikini Tops

If you want to unwind on the beach after a week’s hustle, bikinis are the ultimate swimwear that you will need, whether laying down on a deck chair or even if you will decide to swim a few laps.

When you are done choosing your bottoms, the next thing to do is to select bikini tops. Should you wear a strapless, a triangle, or a push-up top?

Strapless Bikini Top

The strapless bikini top can make you look more glamorous and feminine. It is convenient to wear, most especially if you like to bask in the sun.

It is a favourite choice for revealing models who would like to show off more skin; additionally, it can offer you an all-over tan.

Although, it may not be the best choice for swimming since you might reveal more than what you want, most especially if a strong wave hits you.

However, it is acceptable to wear it while swimming in calm water. Also, for better support, you can choose to add removable straps on your strapless bikini top.

Who Can Wear a Strapless Bikini Top?

A strapless bikini top is an excellent choice for women with medium chest sizes. Depending on your activity, you can choose the one with removable straps.

It is also suitable for women with small chest sizes. For better support, you could opt for an underwired top. Underwires tend to sculpt your cleavage if you have a smaller chest size.

Triangle Bikini Top

With its wraparound shape, you can always feel confident in wearing the triangle bikini top. It can instantly hug your curves while providing you with ultimate support.

Whether you want to have a seaside tanning or a sporty holiday, it is the perfect bikini top to wear. There are incredibly low-cut pieces that can keep your tan lines to a minimum while showing off your cleavage.

A low-cut version with skinny halter neck straps is the best option if you want to bask in the sun.

However, if you have a large chest size, do some sports, or need more support, you should choose an underwired version or a cross-back one.

Who Can Wear a Triangle Bikini Top?

Regardless of if you have a big or a small chest, you can still wear triangle bikini tops. For women with large chest sizes, the best option is an underwired version with stylish straps.

On the other hand, women with medium or small chests can choose to wear those without underwires.

Push-up Bikini Top

The push-up bikini top is the best weapon of seduction when you are on the beach. However, it goes beyond that.

It can provide a boost to your cleavage and sculpts your chest. It can bring your breasts together, providing you with a firmer look and feel but still comfortable.

Different types of push-up tops are available, including strapless push-up tops and triangle push-ups.

Who Can Wear a Push-up Bikini Top?

The good news is a push-up bikini top is suitable for any chest size.

Most women are getting confused between padded and push-up tops. For women with large chest sizes, they can choose the classic push-up.

While for women with medium or small chest sizes, they can choose the classic shape.

However, no one is stopping you from wearing the super push-up bikini top. If you are worried about your chest size, you can boost your confidence by wearing a padded push-up bikini top.

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