Guide for Different Gold Mangalsutra Worn all over the Nation

It is considered that as per Indian culture, the most loved traditional gold jewellery of every woman is her gold mangalsutra. A gold mangalsutra is an emotion for an Indian woman that shows her love towards her partner. She is given this piece of jewellery when she gets married by her groom and she wear until her partner is alive. Hence, a gold mangalsutra is the proof of bonding and love between the couple for entire life.

In almost all the Indian culture, woman wear mangal sutra as a proof of their marriage but the traditional design varies from culture to culture. The meaning and purpose served by the mangal sutra is same in every traditional, the change is only there in the designs.

Gujarati and Marwari ladies love to wear trendy jewellery hence, the design of their mangalsutra is also trendy. They mostly wear a gold chain with black beads and stone-studded pendant as a mangalsutra.

The koli’s and the fisherman wear two mangalsutras. As they are the devotees of sea, they wear for their husband as well as for their lord sea.

The mangalsutra worn by Goans and Konkanis is called Kasithaali. This is made of a gold chain with corals, gold beads, and the idol of Goddess Lakshmi. Along with this some woman also wear a mangalsutra that has discs shaped pendant and the design of Devi Lakshmi of it for prosperity and wealth.

Bihari woman wear Taagpaag as a symbol of being married. They wear it as a mangalsutra and it is compulsory for every married woman to wear it till her husband is alive.

A Maharashtrian woman wear a beautiful gold mangalsutra that has prominent features. The mangalsutra is made of gold and black beads with two basic types called “The Nirgun” and “The Shagun”. A Nirgun mangalsutra is made with simple plain black beads while in a shagun mangalsutra every 9 beads are separated by golden beads. The chain has a pendant on two disc-shaped cups that are hollow from one side and raised from other side. The hollow side touches the body of the woman while the raised side is visible to others. The designs of gold managalsutra is very unique and beautiful and it is believed that simple the design more is the affect.

The Christians of Kerala and Karnataka wear a mangalsutra having a banana leaf pendant adorned with a cross sign. A specially designed mangalsutra of Kannadigas’s bride has a V-shaped ring and it is called Vadungila.

The managalsutra worn by Kashmiri pandits has its own beauty. It is called “Dehjoor” and is made of heavy earrings that are long enough to touch the chest of the bride. They are available in various designs and the long chain of the earrings are either made of gold or the coloured thread. It is worn by the Kashmiri bride at the time of her wedding.

These are the different types of mangal sutras worn in different areas of India. All are very special and uniquely designed.

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