Get Your Home Ready for Stay-Over Guests

You may not have realized how important it is to make your home ready when guests are coming to stay. How you treat your guests will directly affect how they perceive your home. Your welcome gifts and other home improvement projects can be the defining factor in whether or not your guests are comfortable staying in your home. If you are short on time, planning your guest house renovations can be frustrating and overwhelming. Follow these steps to make sure your guests are happy with their stay and eager to return year after year.

Clean Your Home

You will want to ensure that your home is spotless and free of dust. This means making sure all your bases are covered. One way to help ensure this is to sweep up and mop any dirt or crumbs off your counters and tables before you have guests. You should also ensure that you have some clean linens such as towels and tablecloths in the same room as your guests.

Never forget your toilet and bathroom. This is one room that can easily embarrass you if it is not taken care of. Ensure that it is spotless from the Pfister faucets to the floor. If it is dirty or not cleaned very well, you will invite more germs and bacteria into your home.

Make a Plan

Before you even begin thinking about getting your home ready when guests are coming to stay, you need to think about the purpose of bringing guests. It’s okay to have a fun time when you’re entertaining, but you don’t want this entertaining to become a burden.

If you’re inviting long-term or multiple-year friends or family members, plan the event for a weekend, not a week-long get-together. This way, your guests will have enough time to spend relaxing in between activities and will be happier knowing that they’ll always have a place to go when the itch to socialize arises.

Welcome Your Guests With a Hearty Meal

Make sure all your meals are prepared and fully prepared before your guests arrive. In addition to preparing healthy, delicious meals, you will also need to be ready for drinks, snacks, and desserts.

Even if you are providing a sit-down dinner, you will need to have plenty of food available to go around. You can serve appetizers, drinks, and dessert before the main meal and then serve full meals as the evening progresses.

Get the Sleeping Quarters Ready

Create a relaxed atmosphere in the specific area in the home that they will be resting in. You want to ensure that the guest room or space is quiet and that the pets are out of the way. You don’t want the kids making lots of noise, so you will want to keep them quiet for the duration of the visit.

Have the beds made with clean sheets. Layout an extra pair of pajamas in case they didn’t carry them with them. You can even go the extra mile and light a lavender-scented candle. According to experts, the lavender scent is known to relax the mind so that you can sleep better.

Have Some Extra Toiletries Ready

Next on the list is getting extra toothbrushes, towels, hand soaps, and other personal hygiene products. These things might not seem necessary, but having different toothbrushes and towels can mean a lot to your guests. Some of your guests might not have carried a toothbrush or towel with them.

Also, have some hand sanitizers around your home. Some of your guests will appreciate it. It can help eliminate these germs from your routine, which makes it much easier for you to get your home ready when guests are coming.

Last but not least, you need to place lovely pillows all over the place. The guest room has to be inviting for everyone, including the guest of honor. Make sure that everyone in the house and feels welcomed. If you are planning on inviting more than one person over, you should consider all the needs of your guests, including meals, entertainment, and sleeping arrangements. This is one of the easiest ways to give your guests a good impression.