Get to know more about Borehole water pumps in Kenya

Borehole water pumps can be used in several fields such as in dispensing water in urban areas, farm irrigation and in construction environments. Boreholes are naturally narrow and round so not all types of pumps can be used here. Submersible turbine pumps are recommended for drilling and extracting water. What should I consider in borehole water pump selection?

Technology has impacted the way our pumps work making it easy to handle and maintain them. New features have been developed including water filters, corrosion resistant materials and automatic alerts to notify of any damages. Before you consider buying any borehole water pump, here are some factors to take into consideration first.

Common types of borehole pumps

Submersible turbine pumps

Just as the name suggests, these pumps are completely immersed in water pushing the liquid to the surface by pressure. Submersible pumps are very efficient in that they stay inaudible in water and conserve a lot of energy by converting rotating energy into kinetic then pressure. Before choosing any of the many brands, consider the size of the bore well, installation space available and the material used in its assembly.

Actual borehole pumps

A well is naturally rounded and long so a drill is needed to infiltrate deeper into the ground and trace the source of water. To determine the correct pump to use, amount of water and pressure needed must first be calculated. Borehole water pumps are fairly cheap to run and maintain.

What to consider in borehole water pump selection

The distance that the water needs to cover

The pump will extract water from deep underground and then deliver it to its final destination. Make a decision based on the depth of the bore well, distance to be covered horizontally from the point of extraction to the endpoint and on ground elevation. The more power needed for elevation during pumping, the greater the borehole water pump prices in Kenya.

How much water you want to pump

This is closely related to the specific applications of your pump. Do you need the water for irrigation or domestic use? If you know the key uses of the water, then determining the correct pressure and flow rates will be easy. Some uses such as an irrigation system require high pressure while others like filling up a tank need low pressure and still low flow rates.

Recharge rates

When pumping, the levels of water in the well are expected to drop and rise to specific heights when recharged. This together with the borehole and pipe diameters, discharge and suction head capacities should be taken into consideration when selecting a reliable water pump.


Choosing the right borehole pump for all your duties is not an easy task. In cases where you need it for domestic use, selection and installation might be easier but vice versa for other complicated uses as in construction. The above factors however not only influence the type of pump you need but also the borehole water pump prices in Kenya.