Funny Bubble Butt Images to Add to Your Social Media Feeds

If you’re looking for funny bubble butt pictures to add to your social media feeds, you’ve come to the right place Webshots. These pictures are free to use for private study and research, but you must ask the owner of the photos for permission before using them for commercial purposes. Please remember to credit the photo source with Webshots attribution. The original author of the photo is unknown. You may have seen the photo on your favorite social networking site, but if you’re new to it, check out these other sites.

A “bubble butt” is an overly full butt that resembles a round bubble 3net. This shape is characterized by lateral fullness and projection and appears round when viewed from behind. It is generally perky and full. Depending on the shape and 3net size of the buttocks, this type of butt is referred to as a round or ‘apple bottom’ butt. The round butt is not a bad shape and is a good way to fit into jeans that are called “apple bottom.”

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