The building decor industry has several sectors within, catering to the various components of a home or commercial building. This designing industry usually came under the construction industry in Australia, which is worth a whopping 360 billion AUD. But today the design and decor is a separate industry providing various decor services for each part of a building. Another stand-alone industry is the building maintenance industry that offers lawn maintenance or roofing services in Sydney and other parts of Australia. This declassification helped improve the quality of services in building and construction in Australia. The roof decor sector saw a renovation of themes and trends as newer designs entered the market. Designers have more choices for their creative inspirations as people are more open to experimenting with their home and building designs.


Roofs are no longer the conventional top of buildings and are functional spaces with vast opportunities. People are redesigning their roofs as they are expansive unused spaces, but people are finding ways to turn roofs into more fascinating places.

The Deck Roof

Decks are a staple in beach houses, but today people bring them home on their roofs. A deck is usually a protrusion on the exteriors of a home, and people are adding space to their roofs to make them into decks. These decks can have swimming pools, fire pits, gardens, or even play areas for children. They look like the traditional deck but are high up and can offer a view, depending on the location and height of the house. People can extend their roofs on one side or all sides to turn them into a deck.

The Steppe Roof

Like a steppe plantation, the steppe roof has elevated levels like a step. This building roof looks like an upward tilt when seen from afar, adding a dynamic silhouette. Steppe roofs are the perfect place for growing terrace gardens or greenhouses as the space offers ample sunlight and clean air than the ground level. Another option would be to add separate elements in each step, like a pool on the top, a garden on the bottom, etc.

The Glass Roof

A glass roof or a skylight is always an excellent addition to a house, as it allows light inside while providing a view. Glass roofs are also effortless to maintain, but today’s glass roofs come with a twist. Designers opt to use different colour glasses for the building roof, creating intriguing visual effects inside the house. Having a complete glass roof is not advisable, but people could incorporate them into their roofs and create unique designs. Designers can also add domes and other similar protrusions in glass to make the house seem more spacious.

Shaped Roofs

A shaped roof only adds a dynamic silhouette to the building and doesn’t contribute functionally. People can opt to add building roofs in triangle shapes or slanted ones that add to the aesthetic appeal of the building’s exterior. Designers can incorporate these designs intelligently by allowing for more space in the house. One famous design is the Sydney Opera House type of design, where the roof mimics the Opera house’s silhouette.

With so many roof options available, people must also keep in mind the maintenance they require. From the most rudimentary designs to complex roofs, every design requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Owners should hire roofing contractors for periodic maintenance visits for their roofs. Several studies confirm that people can save up to 120,000 AUD in repair costs if they maintain their roofs in good condition. Several brands offer quality roofing services in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc., allowing every owner to maintain the aesthetics of their building.

Author name:

Alison Lurie