Foam Battles: Should I Purchase a Memory Foam Bed or a Latex Foam Bed?

Have you recently entered a mattress store? If so, then you’ve probably noticed how these mattresses have different enticing selling points, from promising you’ll get the “best sleep in your life” or “medically-approved.” There’s a lot of marketing terms you have to go through to understand the compatibility of a mattress with your preferences thoroughly.

If you’ve been eyeing a foam mattress, well, this page is right for you! As you may already know, the market has two popular foam types: memory foam and latex foam. To fully understand these mattresses, read on below!

What is a Memory Foam Bed?

In the 1960s, a team in NASA invented memory foam to cushion the aircraft – to avoid accidents during take-offs. Memory foam is a synthetic version of latex foam. This bed is known for being sensitive to temperature and weight. It makes it comfortable for the sleeper since it hugs the body and helps relieve the pressure points.

Different Kinds of Memory Foam Bed

  1. Traditional Memory Foam – The traditional way of constructing a memory foam bed uses petroleum-based fabric and foam. While some report that these types of memory foam trap heat, it is also remarkable for those who want to experience pressure relief.
  2. Gel Memory Foam – Traditional memory foam beds tend to trap heat. Thus, manufacturers thought of including gel in its layer to avoid this and help sleepers doze off cool. These beds feel similar to traditional memory foam, except it is much cooler.
  3. Plant-Based Memory Foam – Manufacturing these beds involves using fewer volatile organic compounds and more plant-derived oils to build foams.

What is a Latex Foam Bed?

What’s interesting about latex mattresses is that their material is extracted from a rubber tree sap. The latex utilized in manufacturing these beds could be natural, synthetic, or blended latex foam.

Of course, a 100% natural latex foam mattress would be more expensive than the rest of the mattresses; that’s why some would blend it with synthetic latex to minimize the price. Thus, when shopping for a latex bed, you have to decide whether to go 100% natural or save a couple of bucks.

Since this mattress is made of natural materials, it allows those who are conscious of their carbon footprint to purchase something they are more comfortable with. Additionally, because of the material used, it’s naturally resistant to dust mites and is hypoallergenic.

To find some of the excellent quality latex beds, search for the best mattress reddit topics on the internet. There may be a list of beds that would work for your needs in a mattress.

Different Kinds of Latex Foam Bed

  1. Dunlop Latex – It is a more traditional method than Talalay, resulting in a firmer and dense bed. It involves filling the mattress mold with latex.
  2. Talalay Latex – In here, the mattress mold is filled with latex only partially and the rest with air. This process results in a much fluffier and lighter bed.

How Different Kinds of Beds Perform?

Overall Feel

Latex mattresses make you feel like you’re lying comfortably in a luxurious bed. The layer will provide support to your legs and waists. Also, it returns to its original shape much faster than its opposite. Thus, creating a more comfortable surface for sleeping. Latex foam mattresses come in differing levels of firmness.

On the other hand, memory foam provides its users with a surface that’s dense yet comfortable. The experience that memory foam offers is unique that many mattress shoppers know and love. The material hugs your body, and you learn to remember your shape when you want to step out for a minute.

Memory foam is exceptionally compatible with patients with back and neck pain issues since it offers incredible cradling for one’s pressure points. This type of bed has improved continuously, and today it has different layers to cater to everyone.

Motion Isolation

Latex mattresses have a bounce effect, so it doesn’t isolate the motion quite well. On the other hand, memory foam can isolate movements quite well. Your partner might roll around at night, but it would hardly affect your sleep at all.

Heat Retention

Latex mattresses are naturally cool and don’t trap heat like memory foam. It is one of the most attractive traits of a latex foam bed to a mattress shopper. Sadly, memory foam tends to retain body heat. Despite the many benefits of this bed, this can be uncomfortable for a sleeper.


To find the perfect bed for you, you have to consider your preferences, lifestyle, beliefs, and how it relates to the mattresses mentioned above. Always remember that a bed is not a one-size-fits-all. Thus, you must research mattresses, the different kinds, and some tips to guide you before purchasing a mattress.