Firefighter Tools: What Firefighters Should Always Carry With Them

When a blaze breaks out, your local fire department needs to be prepared to fight the fire as effectively as possible. They’re going to need the right firefighter tools to put it out quickly and stop the spread. Whether this is a firehose or a radio, not having any of these on hand can quickly lead to disaster.

Here are five firefighter tools that every firefighter should have.

1. Fire Radios

The first thing part of firefighter gear that should be included at every station is the fire radio. This radio tunes into emergency services, as well as local channels between departments to discuss what is going on with whatever fire they’re tackling.

These are especially useful during wildfires and other fast-spreading and overpowering fires. Check out BK Fire Radios for the top-of-the-line fire service radios.

2. Personal Lights

A personal light is a light that will clip to your equipment, almost like a headlamp. This firefighter flashlight allows both hands to be free for the task at hand.

Despite a fire being bright and hard to look at, when the fire is out the ash and smoke can linger, leading to low visibility. This is where the flashlight comes into play.

3. Shove Knife

A shove knife works similar to a crowbar, but on a small scale specifically made for doors. During a fire, doorknobs can get hot and be too dangerous to open without sustaining burns.

A shove knife works by forcing the door to open, but in a quicker and gentler way than an ax or crowbar. It forces the lock mechanism to give, rather than tearing down the door.

4. An Escape Rope

Unfortunately, not all fires happen on the ground level. Because fires can quickly spread out of control in 30 seconds or less, firefighters should always carry an escape rope.

It is much easier to have someone on the ground floor that is already away from the fire help position the rope. Rather than trying to position a rope where a fire is quickly spreading towards you.

5. A Multi-Tool

While every tool you add ends up adding weight, a multi-tool is a great solution in those times that you need to cut down on weight while still carrying a variety of different tools.

Multi-tools often come with a set of pliers, a knife, a Phillips head screwdriver, and even scissors. All of which could mean the difference between getting someone or yourself out of a burning building.

Always Keep These Firefighter Tools on Hand

No firefighter should be caught without these firefighter tools. They can make all the difference in an emergency situation and it is always better to be prepared. Find the tools that work best for you and adapt them for use in any situation you see fit.

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