Essential Outdoor Gear for Your Next Adventure

Man looking up at stars next to campfire and tent at night

There are currently over 91 million households in America that regularly head out on camping trips. Are you keen to join this band of outdoor lovers and find out what all the fuss is about?

The secret to successful camping is arriving prepared. For starters, you’ll need all the obvious essentials like a tent, sleeping bag, comfortable hiking shoes, and cooking gear. 

If you’re going on an overnight hiking trip, you’ll need outdoor gear that’s light and compact enough to carry over long distances in a sturdy backpack. There are also a few items of camping gear that make an outdoor expedition a lot easier.

These are the ones seasoned campers swear by.

1. A Compact Multi-Tool

Multi-functional gear is a must anytime you’re packing light. This compact, lightweight tool folds up to the size of a high-end Swiss army knife and contains several handy items for your camping trip.

The best multi-tools feature a pair of scissors, knife, bottle opener, can opener, mini-saw, pliers, and a screwdriver. 

2. A Powerful, Long-Lasting Flashlight

A flashlight is an essential piece of camping, hiking, and boating equipment for any after-dark activities. It comes in handy to check if your food’s cooked, avoiding guy ropes in the night, or checking if it really is the wind causing that rustling sound.

A camping light works well to create general lighting, but you can’t beat a flashlight for more specific tasks. 

3. Outdoor Gear for Emergencies

A travel-size first aid kit comes in handy for cuts and scrapes you might pick up during your trip. It should also include some painkillers, antihistamine ointment, and antiseptic liquid.

If you pack a few bandages in your kit, they also double as ropes in a pinch. 

Remember, a smartphone also doubles as an emergency item in case you need to call for help. It also doubles as a flashlight and a GPS. 

4. A Portable Power Source 

Portable power products like solar-powered batteries and power packs are essential for keeping your phone charged. They’re also good for keeping the lights on at night if you have chargeable lamps.

Make sure you charge up your portable power sources before you leave home. That way you only have to worry about topping up their charge in the sunshine during your trip. 

5. A Reliable Water Filter

A water filter saves you from having to cart your own drinking water along on the trip. The bag-type water filtration systems work best.

The pouches are collapsible and reusable and come with drinking straws, cleaning syringes, and hydration pack adapters. These systems can remove all the nasties, like cholera, E. coli, and salmonella, from raw water.

They work instantly too, unlike pills or gravity systems that involve considerable wait times, are lightweight, and fold up small.

Explore Your World

The best way to figure out essential outdoor gear is by talking to experienced campers who’ve done it all before, or by trial and error.

Don’t let inexperience keep you from enjoying the great outdoors, part of the fun is making do with what you’ve got.

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