Enlisting Key Things to Know Before Picking the Christmas Trees

Holiday décor varies from home to home. Along with following traditions like sprucing up the space with all-white lights or a rainbow of vibrant colors, jollying up the living room with Christmas trees Atlanta is of utmost importance. However, with different types of trees available, it can be challenging to know which is suitable for the holiday display. Selecting the perfect Christmas tree comes down to room size, ceiling height, and many other factors. This article discusses vital things one should know before picking a Christmas tree.

Buy Early

The ideal time to buy a Christmas tree is between Cyber Monday and December’s first week. During this time, prices will be lower, and there will be plenty of options to choose from. Moreover, there will be a good frost by this point, enabling better needle retention. If an individual can’t visit a Christmas tree lot, he can shop online or contact professional Christmas trees Atlanta services to deliver the tree to his home.

Measure the Room

Before heading out to search for the perfect Christmas tree for the house, people should size up the space occupied by the tree. First, measure the ceiling height of the room where the tree is to be placed. Then figure out the maximum height the room can accommodate with the desired tree topper. Additionally, don’t forget to measure the width of the doorway through which the Christmas tree will be brought into the room.

Research the Varieties of Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are available in many different sizes, shapes, and varieties. From Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, and Douglas Fir to Arizona Cypress, Virginia Pine, and Leyland Cypress, an individual can get any of these trees to decorate their home for Christmas. Furthermore, pay attention to these additional three characteristics:

  • Christmas Scent: Balsam firs are known for smelling like holiday candles and maintaining their scene for a long time compared to other Christmas trees.
  • Strong Branches: If an individual plans to adorn his tree with heavy ornaments, he should invest in the noble fir’s flexible branches.
  • Needle Retention: The Fraser fir is known for greater needle retention.
  • Soft Needles: Families having kids should pick a flexible-needled white pine as its needles will not prick on getting too close.

Water the Tree Every Day

An individual setting up the Christmas tree should cut off around 1 inch from the bottom straight across before fitting it in the stand. A tree can drink gallons of water in its first few days at home. So, water the Christmas tree every day and be wary of any object that can cause it to dry faster.


Picking up the right Christmas tree is vital to celebrate the holiday in the right spirit. Moreover, hundreds of firms provide reliable Christmas trees Atlanta services in the United States. If an individual can’t take out time to pick the ideal Christmas tree, he can opt for professional help. Furthermore, after picking up a tree, it is essential to keep it green and fragrant for a Christmas celebration. Once Christmas is over, dispose of the tree responsibly.