Easy Home Upgrades: Mirror Placement

Mirrors don’t have to be hung just so you can look at your reflection before heading out for the day. They provide another option for unique wall art, open up a room by reflecting light, and breathe life into a room. Depending upon your interior decor style, there are plenty of mirrors to choose from that incorporate your personal flair. 

Whether you’re adding a mirror to a bathroom, bedroom, or another space, mirror placement is essential to maximizing the effect of the mirror. You want the mirror to reflect something beautiful, making the room feel more spacious while adding visual interest. 

In this guide, we’ll break down the best places to hang a mirror depending on what room you’re working in. Mirrors are a great way to do a home makeover without spending a lot of money. 

Bedroom Feng Shui

Full-length mirrors are perfect for hanging in your bedroom. Even if they’re hung on the back of your closet door or inside of it, it will make getting ready in the morning much easier. Make sure you hang it in a space where you have enough room to get a full-body view of yourself. 

Vanity or dresser mirrors are wonderful for applying makeup or doing your hair, but they shouldn’t be your only mirror in your bedroom as it only provides a waist-up view. If you can incorporate both types of mirrors in your bedroom, it will make the room very functional. 

Small, decorative mirrors also work well in a bedroom, especially if the room is dark. Place the mirror opposite or next to a window. A round mirror made out of a natural material such as rattan helps create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Bathroom Mirror Placement 

Mirrors are an essential aspect of bathroom design. There’s nothing odder than going into a bathroom, only to find that there’s no mirror in sight. Bathroom vanity mirrors will have the most use out of all the mirrors in your home. 

There are certain things you should take into account when selecting your bathroom mirror. How high to hang the mirror depends on who in your household will be using it. The mirror should be hung around 60″ from the floor and be eye level for most people. 

If this bathroom will primarily be a kid’s bathroom, hanging it closer to the ground will help children see properly into the mirror. If taller people will be using this particular mirror more often, you can hang it higher depending upon where their eye level hits. 

Since this mirror is most often used for tasks like applying makeup, hair styling, and teeth cleaning, being able to clearly see into it is important. You will also want to take into consideration the color of the hardware in your bathroom. You don’t want a mirror style that clashes with the decor. 

In your home re-design, you will also want to look at the distance between the mirror and your vanity light. Since you want the mirror illuminated, the light should be positioned in a position that illuminates the face and head evenly. Vanity lights can be hung above or next to mirrors. 

Some of the best bathroom mirrors combine both mirrors and lighting all in one unit. LED mirrors are quickly gaining popularity and are a great way to light up your space when you need to use the mirror. 

Living Room Design

With living room mirrors, they don’t necessarily need to serve a function like those in the bedroom or bathroom. Mirrors are an easy interior design trick to making a room look larger and more bright. They can be more decorative, filling in empty spaces that you don’t have any other art or decor for.

If you have any windows in your living room, hang a mirror opposite a window to help amplify the natural light. Any heavy mirrors should be hung by a professional, especially if they’re over an area that someone will be sitting. 

Some great places to hang a mirror are over a mental, above a fireplace, or on a gallery wall. The styles don’t need to be ornate or excessively decorative. A simple, frameless mirror hung above a mantle creates a modern vibe. 

Other Places to Hang a Mirror

Many people have set up home offices in the past year and if your desk faces a wall, it can get a bit boring staring at the same thing every day. Consider hanging a mirror above your desk. It will help the space appear larger and you will be able to see what’s going on behind you. 

Hanging a mirror by your front door is perfect for a last-minute check of your hair and makeup before heading out the door. Place a mirror above a small side table or chest, giving you a perfect spot to drop your mail or keys. 

In your dining room, you can place a mirror on a side table or buffet. A mirror makes a great tray, especially if you place candles on top. It will give the illusion that there are more candles in the room and amplify their light.

You can also hang a mirror over the buffet, reflecting the amount of food you have laid out. 

If you have a long, dark hallway, a strategically placed mirror will help reflect any light in the space. Place the mirror across from any hall lights or wall sconces to increase the brightness in the narrow hallway. 

Select Mirrors for Your Home Today

Knowing proper mirror placement guarantees you’re not haphazardly hanging mirrors around your house. Even if you won’t be using a particular mirror to look at yourself or get ready, they still should be hung with purpose. Maximize the function of a mirror while improving your interior design. 

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