Easy DIY Home Decoration Tips To Improve The Look Of Your House

Home is one such place where one has the urge to feel comfortable, safe, or in his/her own zone. That is why people love to decorate their home-sweet-home with their creativity, imagination, and giving wings to their thought. Everyone dreams of owning a house someday and designing it their own way. As it takes a lot of money to own a house, you can choose to save some penny and decorate your home by DIY-ing. Here are a few ways to DIY the decor of your house, hide its flaws and embrace its beauty. Have a look!

  1. Set The Colour Of The Front Door – Make a great first impression over every guest who visits you and paint the front door in some color that demonstrates the fun factor. It is said that every house is turned into a home as one tends to build and decorate it by pouring their love, speaking of their heart. As every home somewhat represents its owners’ traits, make sure you send out a welcoming message to all your guests to keep them coming back to your Casa. Start by picking a bright glossy hue, maybe red colour as it is seen to be lucky across many cultures. To send out the message of joy and warmth; it has been seen that many people opt for an orange and yellow colour for their front door with a mini peephole in it. 
  2. Keep The Colours Light And Neutral – A beige or grey wall colours seems to be quite a choice if you wish to minimize jarring transitions. Neutral or pastel shade of wall colours gives one DIY-er great flexibility and allows easily to switch the accessories. Just in case if you have two or more small rooms attached together, make sure to paint it in the same shade to make it appear bigger in its size. Keep the basic colour shade of the entire house the same to make it seem uniform throughout. 
  3. Bring Some Air Purifier Plants For Home in India Indoors – Indoor plants make an excellent home decor item that looks good and blesses its owner with some beneficial innate properties. One such species of plants are air-purifying plants. Knowingly or unknowingly, there are many pollutants popularly known as VOCs which harm our health. Having some air-purifying plants around tends to cleanse the air and eliminates pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, etc. It is said that gerberas daisy plants tend to remove half of the airborne formaldehyde in just 24 hours and are one of the most effective natural purifiers. 
  4. Layer Your Lighting – Make sure every room has three kinds of light in your home. Firstly ambient lighting would provide the overall illumination and often comes with ceiling fixtures. Then comes the task lighting, which is usually seen to be installed in our kitchen or reading room. It has a more decorative element to it. Make sure to have uplights for the living room, as in the canister uplight or even the torchiere in the wall. Make sure all these kinds of lights that you opt for are energy efficient. 
  5. Place Rugs Under Your Furniture – Often, the legs of the furniture end up messing up your wooden flooring. So, place anchor rugs underneath every piece of furniture in the living room. Don’t go for a room-length rug/carpet; go with an 8-by-10-foot or a 9-by-12-foot rug to make sure there is enough room to accommodate everything thing/people in the seating area. 

So, we hope that you would give these DIY tips a try as you decorate your Casa, your own creative way.