DIY Home Renovation Ideas: What You Need to Get Started

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Did you know that about 76% of UK homeowners have spent their money on home renovations during the recent lockdown? If you are a homeowner who has recently delved into home improvement, you might find the possibilities overwhelming. But with a little guidance, you’ll soon be renovating like a pro!

DIY budget home renovations are a great way to upgrade your house and keep yourself occupied. Check out our DIY home renovation ideas below to learn about what you need to get started.

Simple DIY Home Renovation Ideas

The best home renovation projects are the ones that highlight the unique features of your home. If you’re not sure how to DIY home renovations, take a walk around your house. Take notes on the areas that you would like to change and the things that you would like to improve.

Next, make a plan. Consider the steps that you will need to take to achieve your goal.

What will the total cost be? What is your timeline? Answering these questions will help you come up with a solid plan for your renovation.

Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money and time to make a big difference. Here are some quick and easy home improvements that still have a big impact:

  • Repaint a room
  • Declutter a drawer, closet, or room
  • Update your flooring
  • Replace old appliances
  • Hang new wall art
  • Replace old curtains

Don’t limit yourself to the indoors. Exterior home renovations can also be very rewarding. If you’d like to do work on the exterior of your home, here are some projects to consider:

  • Repaint the exterior of your house
  • Repaint doors and windows
  • Plant a garden
  • Add planters or potted plants to your entryway

When you make improvements to your entryway or your front yard, it can make a big impression. After all, it’s the first part of your home that visitors see!

Gear Up

Once you’ve decided on a project, you’ll need the right tools. The tools you need depend on the kind of work you’ll be doing.

For painting projects, you should have painter’s tape, paint brushes, drop cloths, paint rollers, roller trays, and a roller extension pole.

For jobs that include hanging art or replacing doors or windows, you should have a hammer and nails, a level, and a multi-bit screwdriver.

For outdoor projects that include gardening, you’ll want a trowel, gardening gloves, a rake and shovel, and a wheelbarrow.

Take Out The Trash

Renovation projects often include demolition, and demolition creates trash. Whether you’re taking down a wall, replacing an old appliance, or just decluttering, you’ll need somewhere to dispose of old materials.

If you have reusable items (for example, unwanted furniture or old siding), consider donating them. They could be perfect for someone else’s home improvement project.

You could also save these items for your future projects. Maybe you will need old couch cushions or extra siding for your next DIY home renovation!

For trash that is not reusable, consider renting a skip. Skip hire companies provide skips for as long as you need them. This is a convenient way to manage your trash without overfilling your bins.

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