Deciding on the design of the TV Unit

There was a time when the Television (TV) was a large box that in itself looked like a huge piece of furniture. In order to place the tv unit, a stand was procured depending on the TV size. This occupied lot of place giving a clumsy look to the living room. Even this was acknowledged with different designer TV Stands. Gladly the latest advancement has launched sleeker TV units most of which are wall-mounted. The conceptualized smart TV comes in large sizes which mostly cover the center wall leaving less space for any other decoration. Therefore, the craftsmen utilize the tv unit design to make it a showcase for the display of other decorative showpieces.

In other words, it can be said that the TV Unit is not an essential piece of furniture but a décor enhancer. Deciding the design for such furniture although is the job of the decorator has many essential self requisites to be considered. The following considerations are looked at while designing a TV unit:

  • Firstly it is required to understand the size of the TV in justification to the size of the living room and placement of the TV accordingly. The family and other guests’ seating directions are decided based on the position of the TV unit.
  • Choose the right-center wall which is well distanced from the sofa set and also gives a clear view of the TV.
  • The TV Unit needs additional storage space for additional gadgets and decorative accessories. However, the size of the TV Unit complements the size of the TV.
  • In-built cabinets and desks help declutter and keep it well organized.

Deciding on the look or material to design the TV Unit: The foundation framing is generally done in Wood, however, for a decorative outlook, it is merged with glass, lamination, and other panels. Modern homes have TV units in metal frames which are pre-designed and then fixed to the living room wall. For an ornate look marble and such other stones are also a good choice.

Design of the TV Unit: The design and color combination is synchronized with the living room wall, sofa, and other furnishings décor. Most interior designers customize the TV Unit design and color to make it the center of attraction for the living room. Quite obvious as the living room is the first look of the house for any new visitor.

Maintenance of the TV Unit: The furniture looks elegant just not by the way it is made but also by the way it is maintained. A common concern of accumulated dust can take away the shine and finish of the well-designed furniture. Hence, closed Units devoid of the maintenance effort.

The sleek TV itself is a classy masterpiece of décor and changes the view of the living room. However, additional decoration of the TV unit does add an extra feather. There are immense choices and designs on the online portal and just a bit of creativity can change the style of your living room.