Cracked Bricks: Top 5 Signs of Masonry Issues

Bricks are capable of supporting a lot of weight. That’s why so many old homes and buildings were made of bricks over the last 100 years. A proper brick structure can last many decades, if well maintained. 

However, if bricks are damaged, they may lose their weight-bearing capabilities and become a danger rather than a support system. Cracked bricks should be repaired as soon as possible by a professional.

But how do you know if you have bad brickwork? Sometimes it’s easy to tell, other times it takes a closer look. Keep reading to discover the five signs of masonry issues and what can be done to fix them.

1. Cracked Bricks

The most obvious sign of masonry damage is a cracked brick. If you notice a brick has a crack through it, you have a problem.

It might not seem like a problem if it’s just one brick, but any crack can let water in. Water can cause a lot of damage if allowed through your masonry. As temperatures fluctuate, water can expand, contract, and freeze, which can multiply the damage throughout your wall.

Brick masonry services can solve this issue before it becomes a bigger headache for you.

2. Cracked or Chipping Mortar

Maybe it’s not the bricks themselves that are cracking, but the mortar in between the bricks. If this cracks or chips, it can cause the same problems as mentioned above.

The cracked mortar needs to be repaired right away to prevent mortar damage.

3. Holes in Bricks or Mortar Joints

If you have holes in either your bricks or mortar, those need to be properly filled and sealed as well. Whether you drilled holes yourself to hang something up, or they happened naturally, these pose a threat to your home’s structure.

4. Interior Cracks

On the inside of a masonry wall, you’ll typically find plaster. If the plaster is cracked or damaged, that could be a sign that your bricks have failed in some way.

Or if you notice water damage or mold on the inside of a brick wall, this is likely due to a breach in your masonry.

5.Powdery and White Substance on Bricks

Efflorescence is a powdery white substance that can cover brick walls. It’s not uncommon to find this in old basements. When water is present and eventually evaporates, it can leave behind salts.

These come out of the surface of the brick and turn your masonry wall white. It typically doesn’t cause damage, however, if too much moisture is present, this can be a different problem that needs to be addressed.

A professional can take care of the efflorescence if you don’t appreciate the aesthetic it provides. 

Have Cracked Bricks Repaired Right Away

Masonry repairs can be complicated. Because bricks are typically used to support weight, they aren’t as simple to patch as drywall, which doesn’t bear weight.

If you have cracked bricks at home, call a professional masonry service to restore your brick and your home.

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