Characteristics of different types of dwellings


Interior design present It is something that is generally accepted and understood. Because it is a creative design for living, building a house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช . No matter what kind of building, when it comes to having a good interior. An appropriate atmosphere is created. can make living more comfortable and complete

Residential buildings come in many forms, such as homes, offices, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. In this study of interior design 1, the interior design of a residential building will be discussed. which can be a guideline for designing other buildings anymore

1.1 Types of residential houses

A residence is a place where a person’s private residence is located. or family coexistence

a place for sleeping eating Rest in a happy and safe manner. The size of the villa may be a large house. or small houses of various shapes, but no matter what shape and size the house the needs of people of any size, however. The needs of residents still need a home that provides happiness. and safety in living all the same

The following describes the different types of dwellings.

1.1.1 Condominium or condominium (Condominium)

Condominium or condominium It is a multi-storey high-rise building as a residence. that can coexist with many families that have some common areas such as common corridors, stairs, elevators (Lift) construction of condominiums It can be done using a small amount of space, but can accommodate many people. Therefore, it is popular to build in the community or in large cities. with limited and expensive land The arrangement of the space inside the condominium has various functional parts like a general residence, ie, there are sleeping, dining, bathroom and resting areas, or are classified as multipurpose. The decoration will be somewhat different. where the number and size of furniture must be limited because of the small space

1.1.2 Townhouse, one floor

A single-storey townhouse is a single-storey building รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี that is connected in a row with walls shared on both sides. It is classified as a small dwelling house, which may have a small area in front of the front and back of the house. The interior space has all the necessary amenities like a large house. That is, there is a sleeping, dining, bathroom and resting area, or can be arranged as a multipurpose area.

1.1.3 Town House 2 floors

2-storey townhouse is a 2-storey building that is connected in a row with walls shared on both sides. The floor is more than a single storey. But the land size may be the same. have space in front And a little behind the house is a car park and can plant some trees. The arrangement of the interior space has additional amenities such as having multiple bedrooms. Bathrooms and living rooms are more spacious and have more furnishings.

1.1.4 Town House 3 floors

3-storey townhouse is a 3-storey building that is connected in a row with walls shared on both sides. The usable area of ​​a 3-storey townhouse may be equivalent to a large detached house. But the size of the land may be smaller because the current land price is much higher. This makes the 3-storey townhouse residences begin to be more in demand among residents in the city. internal space organization Can be arranged more comfortably: 2-3 bedrooms, a living room, a rest room, a dining room, a bathroom and a kitchen. Each room has more space and more pieces of furniture. and can also be decorated with more decorations

1.1.5 Single-storey house

single storey house It is a house that has an area around the house to plant trees or make some gardens. The house itself may be small. The interior space can be organized into bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. If the space is not that wide, the interior arrangement can be a multipurpose space.

1.1.6 2 storey detached house

It is a house with a quite spacious usage area. And there is more area around the house, can arrange a garden or plant big trees. internal space arrangement It can be divided into bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Each section can arrange many pieces of furniture or some houses can arrange more rooms as well.

1.1.7 3-storey detached house

It is a house that has more usable area from a 2-storey house because the land size is more limited. Organizing the house into 3 floors will make the most of the usable space. Without land problems, the size of a 3-storey house can be small or large. The interior space can be arranged into bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Each section can be arranged in several rooms.

Whether it’s small or large, townhouses, condominiums, 2-storey or single-storey houses There is a need to arrange the interior space that is the same, that is, a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom may differ in the size of the area and the number of furniture. From this observation, it can be seen that the conditions of the area and the environment will be. Living has a need for benefits. from the use in the home as well It is therefore the duty of the designers to create comfort for the residents as much as possible.