Buy best Camera Phone this Diwali to Capture Diwali Celebration Moments

With Diwali just around the corner, it is time that you purchased a good camera phone to capture those picture-perfect moments. There are very few occasions in a year when we get the time to get together with our family and relatives.

Most of us work in different places, and when we actually get the time to sit down and spend time with our family members, it is usually a low-key affair. However, Diwali is that one time of the year when we make time to celebrate with our loved ones, and we often want to capture those precious moments.

One of the main reasons why smartphone cameras have become so advanced is so that we don’t have to scramble for a DSLR camera or a digital camera, and instead rely on our smartphones to click images that we can cherish for a long time.

That said, a lot of us think about purchasing better camera phones this time of the year, and once again, the Diwali season comes to our aid. Every year, retail stores, e-commerce platforms and smartphone brands offer mouth-watering deals and Deepavali offers on mobile phones. From high-end models to budget-friendly smartphones, we are bombarded with attractive offers and massive discounts.

Even banks partner with e-commerce platforms and smartphone brands, offering up to 10 percent discounts on feature-rich mobile phones, as consumers are molly coddled and pampered, especially during the festive seasons.

2020 has also witnessed smartphone brands launching impressive camera phones across the board. Whether we talk about the budget segment, mid-range segment, mid-premium segment or the premium segment, we can see that smartphone brands have gone out of their way to offer camera phones with cutting-edge technology.

From Realme X3 SuperZoom, which offers up to 60x Zoom, to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which comes with the exceptional 108MP camera, consumers are spoilt for choice, and can purchase a smartphone of their liking and click stunning photos.

Purchase your favorite camera phone on EMIs

Even with the fantastic discounts and never-before-seen offers, purchasing a smartphone with impressive cameras can still prove to be expensive. That sentiment is amplified when we talk about flagship models or high-end smartphones.

However, there is a solution to every problem, and the solution to your shopping woes is the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You can now convert the total cost of the camera phone into convenient monthly instalments, and repay the amount over several months, instead of paying the entire amount upfront.

If that isn’t enough, by using the Bajaj Finserv Card, you can also purchase your favorite smartphone on No Cost EMIs. This essentially means that you only have to pay the original cost of the smartphone, following all the discounts and offers, and don’t have to spend a penny more on interest rates, processing fees or hidden charges.

Bajaj Finserv has partnered with over one lakh stores, located in more than 1,900 cities across the country, and you can walk into any of the partner stores to purchase your favorite camera phone on easy EMIs.

You can also shop online, by visiting a partner site like Amazon or Flipkart, or even shop on the EMI Store, and bring home the smartphone of your choosing without making any down payment.

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card comes with a pre-approved loan of up to Rs. 4 lakh, which ensures that you buy your favorite devices and appliances without putting a strain on your finances.

If you do not own an EMI Network Card, then you can apply for one either online by visiting the customer portal – Experia, or offline while purchasing the smartphone at the partner store.

In conclusion, make this Diwali extra special for yourself and your loved ones, and capture those precious moments by using the latest, newly-purchased smartphone.