Best Massage Tips For Healing

Massage is a perfect method to heal your body and mind. It uses specific patterns and pressure points to relax the stiff muscles and unburden the mind. Countries with hectic lifestyles have some of the biggest number of massage parlours in operation, due to it’s immense popularity. For example, London Tantric Massage is a very popular service now in the UK, due to people’s belief in this type of therapy.

Other than this therapy, body to body massage, full body massage, and erotic massage are also a very good way to release sexual tension and pressure.

Let’s get to know something about the massages to decide which one is better for you. It will help you to choose the best parlour and services for your budget.

Massage Variations

Body to body (b2b massage) is a popular form of massage nowadays. The special attraction of this is, here the masseuse doesn’t use their hands to apply pressure. Rubbing their body across yours is the technique that is employed. It is immensely erotic and relaxing at the same time. In India for example, it is also known as a ‘burger massage’.

There is another variety known as soapy massage. This massage is the exclusive version of the body to body massage, where you get a three-step massage, bath, and intense pleasure to feel completely refreshed from within.

Erotic massages are the best for immense pleasure. We all know sexual tension is one of the biggest issues for some men. This massage uses a variety of techniques to build sexual tension so that you forget about any stress and worries and concentrate on purely on the enjoyment of your massage.

Prostate massage is also a popular technique in erotic massage for men, as it concentrates on the male g-spot for the ultimate enjoyment and pleasure.

Tips For Massage

Let go of your inhibitions during the session. Receive the energy from the masseur or masseuse. This step is important, as you are not here for sexual pleasure, rather just relaxation and some sexy entertainment. So, try to be as connected as possible with your masseuse. Think of him/her as your partner during the massage.

Arrive on time on the day of the appointment. Otherwise, the process will feel rushed and uncomfortable, and you won’t get true pleasure from this unique massage experience.

Try to avoid eating just before the massage. You may feel heavy and uneasy during the session with a full stomach. Once you are in the room with your partner, remove almost all your clothes to help let go of your inhibitions.

Try to stay calm and relaxed, and do not forget to drink extra fluids after the session to help the body recover.

Many clients will tip the masseuse, depending on the quality of the service they provide in the massage session. But the masseur or masseuse is not only providing a massage, but you generally have a personal connection during the session. This connection can also give people a great feeling of well-being, and be good for people that are feeling a bit down and depressed for example.

Benefits Of Massage

Massages apply pressure and reverse the process in a cycle to lessen muscle stiffness. Plus, body to body contact can help to stabilize your emotions and keep you feeling calm and relaxed. There is continuous scrubbing off of dead cells during the session. So it will help you with skin issues. Massage also improves blood circulation to certain parts of your body, and so it’s helpful for your health too.


Massage is one of the oldest techniques to calm down the body and mind. As different techniques evolve and new ones come along, it has become probably the number one holistic therapy around at the current time.