How to Choose The Best Exercise Bike Type

Arguably, one of the most efficient workout methods are exercise bikes because these bikes can provide a great opportunity to burn a good amount of calories by providing exercise to different muscles.

However, improper workouts as well as poorly designed exercise bikes can do more harm than good. This is why it is significant to choose a good bike that suits your needs so that you can get the most out of this equipment.

Exercise bikes are one of the most inexpensive home based fitness equipment and these will not occupy so much space in your home.

When you plan to choose an exercise bike for you, finalizing a budget is the first thing that you should do.

Once a budget is fixed, it is easy for you to compare various models under that budget and finalize on a product. There are certain factors for you to consider such as brand name, warranty policy and strength.

There are various brands that manufacture exercise bikes and the quality of these bikes also vary according to the brand name. Go for a reputed brand that is well known for their quality bikes.

A warranty policy is very important as you are spending a reasonably big amount on these bikes. With a good warranty policy, you do not have to worry about your equipment being broken in between.

You can’t handle exercise bikes which are overweight at ease, so it is advisable to stick for models that are not heavy.

Similarly, durability is also a factor to consider. There are lightweight bikes that may not last longer. So, make sure that the bike model that you are planning to buy has excellent durability and is made up of high quality materials.

Do not forget to consider comfort and adjustability when you plan to purchase an exercise bike because many people consider price alone and forget these important factors. A good exercise bike can cost anywhere between 200 to 300 dollars but you can’t expect the same for a mere 100 dollars.

Adjustable seats and handlebars are very important for exercise bikes because there will be more than one person in your family who want to use your exercise bike and if this feature lacks, you will find it very hard to maintain comfort for all your family members.

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are usually two types of exercise bikes, upright and recumbent bikes. However, a third model named dual action bikes are also available and these bikes have adjustable feature.

Upright Bikes 

Upright bikes are similar to the regular bikes that we use for commute. The bike can provide excellent workout for your lower body and the effects can be almost similar to a regular road bike.

However, you do not have to stress out your knees to get the maximum benefit from this workout model.

Most of these bikes come with difficulty adjustments and you can adjust the difficulty to a higher level to get maximum benefit from your workouts. However, a good workout schedule must be more than 30 minutes and for this reason, it is not necessary to choose higher difficulty levels to provide sufficient workout to your body.

Recumbent Bikes 

In recumbent bikes, you will be sitting back on a large bucket seat and your upper body will be in a much relaxed manner.

Due to this excellent posture and the horizontal placement of pedals, your legs will be horizontal throughout your workout, thus you can get the maximum benefit from your workouts. However, this workout strategy will provide exercise only to your legs.

Dual Action Bikes 

Dual Action Bikes are the upright bikes that come with movable handlebars.

You can adjust the handlebar and sitting position in different ways so that a very good level of comfort can be enjoyed effortlessly. For those who are willing to provide good workout for upper body, this type is excellent.

Choosing between upright and recumbent bikes

Choosing between upright and recumbent bikes are more of a personal choice

Both bikes have its own advantages and disadvantages but there is no doubt that these can provide you with a great opportunity to work out your body well. Some important factors which are applicable for both models are:

Braking System 

An electronic braking system is the best choice for you even though this system costs a little bit extra. Mechanical braking system is inexpensive but this needs constant maintenance and a heavy flywheel to get the desired effects.

However, you can set different modes with an electronic braking system and the feel is identical to real life bicycling. Air braking does not provide you the option of changing resistance but it is very good to gain a natural level of resistance.

Pedalling Feel 

For cheaper models, uneven pedaling feel is a common issue with increased resistance. Make sure that the bike you are choosing has excellent free motion even at higher resistance.


 A resistance of 250 watts is the minimum that you can find in many exercise bikes but for professional athletes, this should be at least 400 watts. Keep this in mind when your workout intentions are on an athletic level.

Saddle/Seat Comfort 

For upright and recumbent bikes, you are going to spend a lot of time on it and the comfort of saddle or seat is very important. Even for upright bikes, an awkward placement of your body can cause a lot of trouble. Make sure that the seats are very good and offer you excellent posture.


Even if the product you plan to purchase has a warranty period, it is advisable to check the construction and look for improper welds and poor quality materials. 

Most bikes will be displaying the maximum amount of weight it can carry.  Note down this and make sure that you and your family members fall under this category.

With these important things in mind, you can shop for an exercise bike and source a finest model from an upright or recumbent model.