Best Career Choices for 2021

Are you new to the job market or looking for a career that better suits your interests and skills? If so, the following career choices are considered to be the most demanding and rewarding this year. 

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work under physicians to help care for patients, sick or healthy. A physician assistant can work under various different departments such as emergency care, podiatry, women’s health, and the list goes on and on. If there is a doctor involved, you are likely to see a physician assistant within that same office. This career does require a master’s degree education, but the salary will be well worth it.

Software Developer

It’s no wonder that software developers are commonly sought out. The world is technology driven, and in order to have that technology, you need those creating software that tells technology what to do. Software developers typically require a bachelor’s degree education and can land a salary well in the six-figure category.

Real Estate Agent

The current housing market is unlike anything in the past. With such a demand for buying and selling houses, the need for real estate agents has skyrocketed. This job title requires licensing that can be obtained after completing required coursework. Get yourself familiar with listings by searching Memphis houses for sale and begin to understand the real estate world.

Health Services Manager

The medical system requires individuals to manage and effectively operate the health care system. Health services managers hire staff, control budgets, and ensure that the services being provided are top notch.


As you may have already guessed, becoming a dentist requires a lengthy education due to the need for a doctorate degree. Focusing on the prevention of tooth decay and filling cavities, dentists are involved in the examination and treatment of patients’ oral health.

Financial Managers

This career is for people who are interested in creating financial reports, setting budgets, and coordinating financial strategies and investments for organizations. Financial managers are typically required to have a bachelor’s degree and can obtain a salary over $100,000 with some experience.

Home Health Aide

One of the true backbones of the healthcare system are home health aides. These individuals typically require a high school diploma and a short home health aide program to be hired with a company. Aides assist patients with personal care such as bathing, performing light housework, and other duties such as reminding patients to take their medicine. These jobs are plentiful due to the various types of settings and organizations that require their help.

There are many other careers available, but perhaps one of these career choices is calling your name. These occupations are expected to be in high demand, so if they spark your interest, find a job opening near you.