Benefits of shower filters that you probably don’t know about

People have always been wary of their tap water. Cities claim that their water is completely clean and does not contain anything harmful at all. While this claim might be true to some extent, it is also misleading.

Recent studies have also brought the harmful effects of chlorine and other similar substances for humans. This news led to a resurgence of the shower filters.

While all a typical shower filter does is filter your shower water, the benefits of this filtration go way farther than you might think.

You will sick less often

Your showerheads can get very dirty. It can have microorganisms and bacteria that can attack your body and cause you to get sick more often.

A filtered shower head can eliminate these germs. This directly improves your health as fewer bacteria in your shower water equal less chance of getting sick from them.

Your skin and hair will get better

Before the water enters your bathroom plumbing, it goes through a treatment process with chlorine. Unfortunately, while chlorine does kill all the bacteria, it is harmful to humans.

This is because chlorine, along with the harmful bacteria, kills the good bacteria as well. In addition, chlorine destroys vitamin E and other fatty acids needed to keep your skin smooth and silky. Hence, when chlorinated water touches your body, your skin gets rough and dry.

Similarly, chlorine takes away the natural oil in your hair which is needed to keep your hair silky and smooth. As a result, your hair gets frizzy and dry.

Shower filters remove this chlorine from your water. No chlorine in your shower water means no dryness or roughness in your hair and skin.

You will have a lower risk of getting cancer

Yes, chlorine can cause cancer! When you wash your body using soap and tap water, it combines and creates chlorination byproducts.

These byproducts are known to create free radicals, which can cause cell damage and directly lead to cancer.

Studies have also shown that high levels of chlorination byproducts can increase the chance of breast cancer by 50 to 60% in women.

Thus, if you use shower filters, you reduce the risk of getting cancer. They filter out chlorine, and the byproducts are created.

Helps with aging

We just talked about how free radicals are created due to chlorination byproducts. These byproducts don’t only cause diseases but can also make you look older.

They damage living skin cells, which, in turn, lead to issues like wrinkles, lines, etc. Thus, you should get a showers filter if you want to protect yourself from the aging effects of unfiltered shower water.

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To wrap it up!

People assume that shower filters filter out some impurities from water. While this is true, the work of a shower filter is not only limited to this.

They filter out the bacteria, microbes, and dangerous chemicals like chlorine. As a result, your health, skin, and hair remain in their best condition. Also, your life expectancy will increase as you stay safe from diseases like cancer.

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