Original Kuber Yantra is meant to bring the energies of prosperity, good fortune, wealth, opportunities to increase money flow and abundance. Lord Kuber is giving and showers His devotees with riches, when the original (authentic) Kuber Yantra is installed and worshipped in home, office, business place/shops etc.

Lord Kubera is the Celestial wealth manager, said to keep account of wealth in Heaven as well as the entire wealth of the Universe is in His custody. He looks after the distribution of wealth among the less fortunate. Connected with wealth that is there beneath the surface of Earth, He is in charge of precious metals like Gold, Silver etc. Lord Kuber is also known as the King of Yakshas (means Rakshasas, Kinnaras, Gandharvas etc.), who assist Him in managing the treasures of the Earth. He also protects wealth, especially family wealth. It is a common practice to worship Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) and Lord Kubera, together, on the auspicious Dhanteras day during Diwali festival to garner their blessings.

Yantra is an ancient sacred geometry which has the power to draw and harness Cosmic energies and transform them into beneficial positive energies for the user and the space it is installed in. To put in simple words, a Yantra is an instrument or tool, pertaining to particular Gods or Goddesses or Planets, that helps to manifest the energies of that for the user. Every Yantra has a definite purpose. They amplify the energy which it is meant to work positively for the user.

The 2-dimensional Kuber Yantra is etched on thick square Copper plates and it can also come with Gold or Silver polish. However, pure Gold or Silver Kuber Yantras are not unheard of. The drawing or Mandala engraved of the Kuber Yantra includes six-pointed star or Satkona, Divine Lotus or the Padma and some numbers, all of which have deep meaning. It transmits energies of riches and material fulfilment in the place it is kept. The symmetrical geometric drawing of the original Kuber Yantra is synchronized with Lord Kuber energies and when worshipped with chanting of the Kuber Mantra, it activates the Lord’s energies blessing with all attributes of Him.

It is important to energize the Original Kuber Yantra before installing it to make it effective for your space.

Chanting the Kuber Yantra Mantra to invoke Lord Kubera and thereby the energies of the Kubera Yantra is also activated for maximum benefit.

Where to place Original Kuber Yantra

The placement of an Yantra holds importance. The original Kuber Yantra can be placed in the North direction, as Lord Kuber holds authority on this direction or install it in the East, facing the West, which is considered to be most suitable for Yantras.

The Kuber Yantra can be placed at home or workplace. These Yantras can be hung on the walls, kept in alter or near the entrance door and office table/desk. It should be treated with respect wherever you are installing it. Small size Kuber Yantras are available, which can be kept in wallets, purse or pocket and carried.

Another notable point, the original Kuber Yantra should ideally be installed in a place where you can see the centre point or Bindu of the Yantra easily, to meditate on. Meditating on the Kuber Yantra by focussing on the centre point, helps to bring the energies of Yantra and your energies to alignment. Therefore, it helps to build a connection with the Divine energy through the sacred geometry of the Kuber Yantra.

Regular worship of the Kuber Yantra is advised and surely you will see the positive shifts in money flow, accumulation of wealth and improvement in material aspects.


The original Kuber Yantra is very powerful and there are many proofs of this fact. Installing it at home and workplace, following the rules and rituals bring His blessings and gifts easily. It is important to buy an authentic Kuber Yantra with a perfect Yantra engraving. Defects of any kind, be it lines or curves or any minute aspect of the Yantra will not deliver the desired outcome.

  • The Kuber Yantra ushers in prosperity, good fortune, wealth and riches.
  • Its energy eliminates energies of lack, replacing it with abundant energies.
  • It brings new opportunities for earning money.
  • Money flow blocks are lifted, making it flow easily, spontaneously and continuously on installing the Kuber Yantra.
  • Business grows when the original Kuber Yantra is installed, converting non-profitable ventures into profitable ones.
  • It bestows land, property, luxuries and material fulfilment.
  • For blessings of Gold, Silver, precious metals/gemstones, the Kuber Yantra blesses the user. Those who are fond of precious Jewellery and ornaments can install the Kuber Yantra.
  • It blesses with wealth generation, building assets and all things related to material aspect.
  • The Kuber Yantra benefits by protecting family wealth, by the grace of Lord Kubera.
  • It prevents unnecessary expenditure or sudden loss of money.
  • Lord Kubera is benevolent and worshipping the Kuber Yantra brings money from expected and unexpected places.
  • Success, rich material harvest, name and fame are gifts of Kuber Yantra.

The power-packed Kuber Yantra is not confined only to the benefits specified above. Each person builds a connection/relationship with the Yantra that spreads positive energies for the highest good of someone.

The Kuber Yantra is now available in innovative ideas of lockets, rings, bracelets and many other forms.

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