Backyard Privacy Plants: How You Can Use Plants to Create Privacy

You don’t have to have close neighbors to want a little more privacy in your yard. Your yard is an extension of your home, and you deserve to feel as comfortable there as you do inside.

You may not want to erect large stone walls or cut yourself off from your neighbors entirely. That’s why taking advantage of backyard privacy plants can be a perfect compromise.

There are many options when considering what kind of plants to include in your privacy walls.

From climbing vines to evergreen shrubs, there is a privacy plant for every landscaping aesthetic. To learn about a few of the best options, keep reading.

Bamboo Shoots

When you are trying to grow a privacy wall, you want a plant that can grow quickly. Bamboo is a fast-maturing plant that also provides a warm and earthy theme to your yard.

There are a handful of different species of bamboo you can choose from, but make sure that the one you select isn’t an invasive species, as a few of them are.

Ornamental Grasses

Other ornamental grasses that can be used instead of bamboo include silver grass or pampas grass.

These plants can often add extra texture and color to your yard as well. They are apt to brushing and swaying in the wind, creating quite a calming environment.

Cypress Trees

For a row of evergreen trees that provide plenty of backyard privacy, consider planting cypress or thuja trees.

These trees tend to grow tall and thin, so you can plant them close together and create that screen barrier.

Ivy Fence

If you have an existing fence or are hoping to install one, then a climbing vine will help to fill in the gaps for more complete privacy.

Ivy is a popular option that climbs fairly rapidly. Another quick-moving vine option is hops. Both of these plant families can adequately fill in the gaps of almost any fence type.

Perhaps you haven’t decided what kind of fence would be best for your yard or for a climbing vine. A few of these ideas are a fitting place to get started on your fence-building plans.

Evergreen Shrubs

You don’t need to plant full trees to add extra privacy to your yard. Dense shrubs with a bit of height can also make an effective barrier.

A species like boxwood can also be trimmed into different shapes like topiaries. So if you want to create a garden of art at the edge of your yard, this is the perfect option.

Lilac Trees

While lilacs may only bloom during part of the year, these plants tend to have a denser collection of branches and twigs. They can still create some backyard privacy, but cannot hide you in your yard completely.

Plus, when the lilacs bloom, they provide a little extra beauty and have a wonderful scent.

Backyard Privacy Plants

Growing backyard privacy plants can be a decision that not only provides more privacy and safety for you and your family but also adds beauty and color to your home.

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