Average Cost of Painting Your Home Interior

An easy and quick way to improve your home’s look and design can be simply achieved with a paint brush. With the right color and equipment, your home can look like an entirely new house within a few hours.

If you have been tossing around the idea to repaint the interior of your home, you’re probably wondering what the cost will entail.

Painting a Room

The average cost to paint a room that is a 10×12 space is estimated at $200 to $800. However, if you’d like to save yourself a few dollars, opting to paint the room yourself can land you a cost of about $100 to $300.

The cost will increase if the size of the room is larger as the room would require not only more gallons of paint but also more time.

Painting a Bathroom

While a bathroom is typically a smaller area to paint due to some of the walls being covered by tile, cabinets, or windows the cost doesn’t differ by much compared to a typical room. Thanks to the need for high or semi-gloss paint or matte finishes, the average cost to paint a bathroom lies around $150 to $350.

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If you’re thinking of painting with a basic paint, don’t! It’s important to stick with a high or semi-gloss paint due to the paint being more durable and easier to clean which is an important necessity in a bathroom, especially if you want to avoid painting on a yearly basis or more often.

Painting a Kitchen

The upside of painting a kitchen is that there’s about 50% less space that needs to be painted compared to an average room thanks to the cabinetry that’s typically in place. Having your kitchen professionally painted will typically run you about $250 to $500 but if you’re looking to also have your cabinets painted add an additional $30 to $60 per linear foot for the cabinets alone.

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Other Cost Factors

When deciding to have the interior of your home painted, not only will the size of the space be a large factor but so will the quality of paint you choose, the amount of colors, and the finish of paint you choose. Materials and labor costs make up a decent chunk of your expense but depending on where you live you may also see higher or lower costs. For example, if you live in an area with a higher cost of living such as New York or Chicago, you can expect to see a higher total.

If you would like to avoid the need to paint the interior of your home, purchasing one of the many Charlotte houses for sale may be your next best option. Many of these homes are move-in ready and have appealing interior colors that work well with any design style.

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