Are You Using Nitrile Gloves to Protect Yourself in the Pandemic?

The world changed in 2020 when the corona virus hit us. Masks became the new fashion statement. However, have you thought about gloves, which can lower your risk of contracting COVID-19? Hands make contact with many surfaces that carry the virus, making their

protection vital. Adam Karapetyan, CEO of Wholesale Nitrile Gloves, knows this and created his company to help more people have personal protective equipment.

Latex gloves are ubiquitous these days. Fewer people, however, have heard of nitrile, a material first used nearly twenty years ago to make gloves. Like latex, nitrile is derived from rubber trees and ultimately becomes a strong chemical through processing. As an alternative to latex, it was made into gloves, and demand among healthcare workers, cleaners, and even mechanics took off.  

Science backs up the gloves’ effectiveness. Several studies prove that nitrile rivals latex and beats vinyl in terms of reliability. Out of vinyl, latex, and nitrile, nitrile ranks at the top for safety: in one study, vinyl gloves failed 12-61% of the time. Contrast that to latex’s failure rate of 0-4% and nitrile’s failure rate of 1-3%.

These aren’t the only reasons for the growing sales of nitrile gloves.  It is also praised because it is chemical resistant, protecting the wearer even with the use of harsh chemicals. The comfort is better, too. While many materials used in glove are uncomfortable, nitrile is not. Its softness and cleanliness appeal to many people. Surprisingly, it also resists punctures, making it very tough. Allergy sufferers can rest easy, too, since it is free of latex and does not cause an allergic reaction because it is free of latex.

Manufacturers have continued to improve nitrile, leading to multiple advantages noted in the media. They are as cheap as latex gloves, and they are comfortable even when worn for long periods of time. Their tactile design means that the wearer can quickly pick-up objects, and perhaps best of all, they prevent sweating.

“Not surprisingly, the pandemic really hit the availability of these gloves. Between their popularity and the virus, the demand for them went up. When that happened, their price increased and their availability went down,” Adam states. He immediately worked hard to supply this demand and help people by supplying the gloves. This is how his company, Wholesale Nitrile Gloves, was born.

“Throughout the pandemic, the biggest need has been for personal protective equipment or PPP. After researching nitrile gloves and discovering they are a great alternative to latex, I acquired and distributed high-quality personal protective equipment and started selling it. The response has been amazing. With my multi-state distribution network, I help my customers get gloves.”

Since 2020, Adam has used his company to sell personal protective wear that is of a high quality and well-priced.

“My company has impacted many lives. I enjoy what I do because I know that I am helping people to be safer at their workplaces or in their homes. While gloves are not the only thing a person needs in this pandemic, they are crucial to combatting the pandemic.”