Are there Casino Bingo Sites Available Outside the UK?

The bingo game is a popular game around the world, the UK indeed is one of the places that it has dominantly spread its wings, but this does not mean that it is not in other parts of the world – also try online slots games UK.

If you love adventure and learning new languages, the bingo game is an excellent way to begin. The game is simple to play, which makes it loved by many people all over the globe. It is, however, primarily recognized as a British entity because it originated from a European country in Italy.

Which Country Invented Bingo?

The invention was by the Italians, who initially called it the lotto, and it has been in existence for at least 500 years back. However, an American man named Edwin Lowe was the one who popularised the game and gave it the name by which we know it today.

The name came from Lowe’s friends, who mistakenly shouted bingo instead of beano while playing the beano game. The beano game is a local version of the lotto whereby the players use beans to mark on a carton, and when a player completes a line of numbers, they yelled beans! When Lowe heard the word bingo, he immediately adopted it as a new name for the beano game.

Countries that Play Bingo

The game has different names and versions for some countries; while it is very popular in Europe, it is also widely played in other countries. Let us look at some countries that play it;

  1. Italy: This is where bingo originated from, and they still play it to date.
  2. The United Kingdom is the second country that plays it.
  3. America is also well known for gambling, and they have lots of bingo sites, both physical and virtual.
  4. Japan is well known for online bingo because of its fast-growing technology.
  5. Australia is known for playing ‘housie’ which is a game that is similar to the 75 ball bingo.
  6. The Germans are a good fan of bingo since the 19th century; they do not just play for fun but use it as teaching in their schools. They use it to teach and learn spelling and mathematics.
  7. The Romans are also famous for playing in bingo halls and online.
  8. Sweden plays more of online bingo.

Wherever you are, there is always a physical site close to you, and online has made it accessible even to play it from the comfort of your home.

Online Bingo Game

Due to the advance in technology, it is no longer a question of which country has the game. It can now be assessed online, even with a smartphone, and you can log on to an online site or download a bingo app to play for free or with money.


The bingo game is constantly modified to suit new players coming into it. Now that you have known that it can play outside the UK, you can go ahead to find out the closest bingo hall to play or find an online site to begin your adventure and you won’t regret the experience.