An Ultimate Guide to Virtual Home Tours

Top view of woman walking in the street surfing 360 degree view in her mobile. All screen graphics are made up.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the real estate market works. Instead of getting to undergo physical inspections, for instance, potential buyers will have to experience virtual home tours. 

How do you set home tours up in a way that still entices clients? Keep reading to find out. 

Work With a Professional Photographer and Videographer

The biggest turn-off for clients is when virtual home tours are low-quality. Blurry pictures or videos, shoddy photographic work, and more will not do your business any favors. 

The first and most important tip is to work with professional real estate photographers and videographers. This will ensure that your clients can have an accurate understanding of the real estate property through a tour video. 

Choose Good Equipment and Platform

Not only will your real estate photography have to be excellent, but you will also need the suitable equipment to make your tour shine. For instance, a 360-degree camera will be very useful. 

The platform that you use for virtual home tours will also determine the quality of the experience for your clients. Make sure to have a few test runs and settle for a site that provides the smoothest look. This ensures that your clients will not run into difficulties that distract them from the tour. 

Prepare the Property Before Virtual Home Tours

In a similar way to in-person inspections, you will have to prepare the property before house tours. By doing this, you are putting your best foot forward and allowing clients to fixate on the strong points of the house. 

This step goes a long way in enhancing interest in your property. 

On the day of the tour, you can do a quick clean-up and polish of the area. If there are a lot of unnecessary objects or furniture that do not fit with the property’s aesthetic look, you can hide them away or remove them. 

Make sure nothing distracts the process – for instance, previous occupants – and turn on all the lights to enhance the appearance of the house. 

If you are planning to incorporate new decorations or new features in the house, make sure to do this in advance. This will allow you some time to see if your idea will truly fit the house, and will give you time to correct any possible mistakes. 

Enhance the Virtual Home Tour Experience

Virtual home tours are growing in popularity and necessity because of the pandemic. It may be a steep learning curve for property agents who have never used this type of technology before, but excelling in the home tour experience will enable you to succeed as a real estate agent. 

You can hire a professional photographer or videographer, choose good equipment and tour platform, and prepare the property in advance. All of these strategies will enhance the tour experience and will likely lead to more sales.

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