America’s 9 Best Scenic Drives for Motorcycle Tours

If you’ve hit the road on a motorcycle through dramatic mountain landscapes, rolling hills, amber deserts, and along craggy coastlines, then you know there are few better feelings in the world. 

If you haven’t, then it’s probably something you’ve been dreaming of — and who could blame you? 

But with all the spectacular scenic drives that America offers, how do you choose the best? Keep reading for 9 of the most incredible routes for your next motorcycle trip. 

1. Flagstaff to Sedona, Arizona

If you’re looking for one of the best Arizona scenic drives, you’ve found it. It’s one of the shorter rides on this list at 27 miles. But you’ll be gifted with some of the most spectacular vistas in the entire country. 

Oak Creek Canyon is especially breathtaking. You can stop at the Oak Creek Canyon Vista overlook to get a full birds-eye view of the canyon that you’ll be riding through in this area. 

Aspen, oak, maple forests, waterfalls, red rocks, and cliffs — what more could you want? Add to that some amazing hairpin turns and switchbacks, and you’ve got an incredible drive. 

2. Portland to Sumpter, Oregon

This stunning drive will take you straight over Mt. Hood, a dormant volcano, and into golden farmlands, prehistoric canyons, and back up into the mountains. 

It’s a proper tour of 350 miles that will take you through the best of Northwest America. You’ll pass by small mining towns perfect for a stopover. If you’re into fishing, cast a line at the multiple streams and lakes along the way. 

It’s far from an easy ride, so take it slow and learn more on personal injuries from motorcycle accidents to prepare for the unexpected. 

3. San Juan Mountain Skyway, Colorado

What is a list of the most scenic drives in America without mentioning the dramatic Rocky Mountain landscapes?

You’ll be spoiled with quintessential Colorado vistas of impressive mountain ranges, evergreen forests, and powerful rivers. 

This 236-mile stretch of road is not for the faint-hearted, and experience on a motorcycle is necessary. You’ll come across guardrail-free twists and turns that will put your fear of heights to the test. 

4. Woodside to Pescadero, California

You’ll be undulating between high and low speeds as you take fast coastal corners and twisty, slow turns. This drive isn’t suitable for inexperienced riders, but the spectacular loop will leave you speechless with incredible views. 

Following the Pacific Ocean, you’ll have lovely coastal views. Be careful on the road as it’s only two lanes and is always busy with a fleet of cars and a rush of tourist vehicles. 

It’s certainly one of the best California scenic drives, though, so get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. 

5. Tortilla Flats, Arizona 

Are you dreaming of hitting the Apache Trail scenic drive? Of all the incredible scenic roads in Arizona, it’s hard to choose a favorite — but this one certainly tops the list. 

Since the road undergoing a revamp in 2017, it’s now an accessible ride spanning 50 miles from the Apache Trail through the Superstition Mountains. 

You’ll be riding with the classic Arizonan desert backdrop. Don’t get too distracted by the amazing scenery, as the Apache Trail is legendary for being one of the most treacherous stretches of highway. 

6. Twisted Sisters, Texas 

Texas does everything bigger and better, and the same goes when it comes to epic motorcycle routes. 

You’ll get to see the Texas Hill Country in all its glory on this 220-mile journey that will take you up and down the undulating hills.

This is a classic rollercoaster ride through huge hills with not much traffic — perfection. Add to that the spectacular landscapes and ideal rest stop, and you’re in for the ride of your life. 

7. Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon is, without a doubt, one of the most phenomenal natural areas in the Southwest. So, what better way to experience it than cruising down gorgeous roads on two wheels? 

You’ll ride over massive hills that give you a vantage point over the crags and canyons, bathed in golden sunlight. 

You’ll have a ton of sites to keep you entertained along the way, including the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. 

8. Beartooth Highway, Wyoming, and Montana

This is an iconic 68-mile pass that is as exhilarating as its rough and rugged name suggests. Swap out idyllic tows and a slow cruise down stunning roads in favor of hair-raising twists and turns and climbs up to dizzying heights. 

It’s all worth it for the rush of adrenaline coupled with some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery. Look out for wildlife on the route and the stunning wildflowers that carpet the mountainsides. 

Peter Norbeck National Scenic Byway, South Dakota

If you’re searching for the perfect trip that combines incredible landscapes with an exciting road and an abundance of sites and spots to explore along the way, then this is the route for you. 

You’ll get to cruise along the iconic Needles Highway, a well-known winding route through amazing scenery. 

The pilgrimage to the motorcycle mecca town, Sturgis, is something all riders should do once in their lives, and this is a fantastic route to get there. 

Which of These Scenic Drives Is On Your Bucket List? 

There is no shortage of spectacular motorcycle tours in America, from scenic drives in Florida to the mountainous northwest regions. These are just nine of many incredible trips, some of the best. Which of these will be your next trip?  Check out visit maine, if you want to learn more about it. 

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