8 Language Learning Mobile Apps

Always wanted to learn a new language? Well Language Learning Mobile Applications (Apps) can help you do so, fast, efficiently and easily. 

You might want to learn a new language to help you in your travels, to seal the deal at a business meeting or looking to broaden your horizons and say it like a local. 

Using various methods Language Learning Mobile Apps help users to easily understand key words, greetings, phrases and more including working on your accents, grammar, writing, listening and vocabulary as well.

Below we feature 8 Language Learning Mobile Apps:

The Rosetta Stone Language Learning Mobile App helps users to learn a foreign language with its detailed and immersive learning experience.

Users can learn anywhere and anytime, online or offline with absolutely no advertisements and select a level and pace that they can manage.

The Rosetta Stone Language Learning Mobile Web App has a subscription-based model, however App users can access all languages through just one subscription.

The App Developer provides users with a detailed timeline of their learning experience so users can understand their progress thus far and remain committed with reminders.

In addition to practicing to learn to speak, App users can also get feedback on their pronunciation and clearly understand the usage of accents, words and phrases in context with extended audio lessons.

  • Busuu 

The Busuu Language Learning Mobile App covers a dozen languages and fits your needs be they to learn a language for travel, business or just for fun.

With some 100 million users, the Busuu App offers learning experiences for all levels from basic to advanced. Users can access the App both online and offline, making learning easy and productive with access to feedback from native speakers and interesting learning themes as well.

The Busuu App also includes a vocabulary trainer and a tool to help improve your grammar and best of all, at the end, users can earn a globally recognized certificate.

  • Babbel

Babbel is a subscription-based Language Learning Mobile App Development created by academic experts with short lessons that are interactive, insightful  and immersive. free version comes with 40 classes

Using the App, users can learn 13 languages by spending around fifteen minutes or less a day and with over  6,000 language courses across 60,000 lessons, The Babbel App will have you chatting like a native in no time.

The free version of this App comes with access to the first 40 classes of a chosen language. Users can obtain more benefits by opting for in-app purchases. Although this App is great for beginners, advanced learners have also used it to further their conversation skills as well.

F95zone is a platform where you can discovery tons of great games and cartoons, make new friends, join in active debates and more.

  • Memrise

The Memrise Language Learning Mobile App allows 50 million users to understand word translations so you can learn to use them in context during real life situations.

  • Duo Lingo

The Duolingo Language Learning Mobile App is the world’s most most-downloaded education app and users can improve their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills across 35 languages. Duolingo is effective because of its game-like lessons that are interactive and fun.  

This App also makes learning a new language interesting with virtual rewards for particular achievements or goals. Duolingo is used by a community of over 300 million users who love its science-based teaching system.

Duolingo is free to use and the premium version offers an ad-free experience. Duolingo also offers podcasts and interactive game-based stories to make learning fun.

  • HelloTalk

The HelloTalk global Language Learning Mobile App connects users with native speakers and you can link with over 20 million users from more than 150 countries around the world.

This App uses native language speakers dotted across the world to connect with others wanting to learn the language they know and speak fluently. 

Users can also post audio messages and get an idea on how to improve their pronunciation and grammar directly from a native speaking community. 

The HelloTalk App also includes a handy grammar corrector that makes sure you are writing using the most suitable grammar. Users can also opt for premium one-on- one language learning from nativer tutors with authentic interactions for over 100 global languages.

  • Mondly  

Mondly  is a subscription based, award-winning Language Learning Mobile App  that has over 50 millions downloads.

Featuring over 20 languages, this App has features for all levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced and users can furthermore track their progress easily as they learn a new language fast.

The App also utilizes quizzes, games and other real life fun activities to make the language learning experience rewarding. 

Users can access the first six lessons of any language for free after which there is a premium service with access to all languages in one go. 

  • Beelinguapp

The Beelinguapp Language Learning Mobile App uses a unique method to teach languages by following the two languages at once. Users can improve their listening, pronunciation and build up their vocabulary by comparing two languages side-by-side.

The App’s Audio Book feature enables users to listen to audiobooks in any language and users can follow along by reading the karaoke style words on the screen that help to improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation along the way.


So if you want to speak like a native with confidence, a Language Learning Mobile Android App Development may be the best way to learn at your own pace and time. Download and get chatting in no time.