8 Furniture Materials You’ll Want to Use for Your Own Interior Decor

Whether you adore ultra-modern and sleek design or you happen to prefer the farmhouse aesthetic, the materials you choose in your home can have a huge impact on its visual appeal.

From sofas and chairs to tables and cabinets, each item can feature a range of materials that mesh with your preferred personal style.

Read on for a list of 10 furniture materials that you will want to use in your own home to create a fabulous space.

1. Glass

Sleek and sophisticated, glass is a popular choice for tables and shelving in modern homes. This material can be clear or treated with a color to create a unique look or a smoky appearance.

Most glass used in furniture materials is specially treated so it won’t shatter, making it safe to use for tabletops and more. You’ll find glass an accent in lighting and decor, too thanks to its versatility and contemporary looks.

2. Pine

There are many different species of wood used to make furniture, and pine is just one of the most popular choices. This fast-growing wood is native to Scandinavia and has a nice, uniform texture that makes it ideal for furniture making.

Pine also resists shrinkage and swelling and can be found in some timber frame-built homes. Because of its natural light color, pine is a popular choice that can be finished in practically any shade. This makes it a popular option for furniture like dressers, tables, and bookcases.

3. Lucite Acrylic

This incredibly versatile material is a highly popular choice for those who appreciate mid-century modern and sleek designs. Look for lucite acrylic furniture boasting unusual shapes or as chair and table legs to give furnishings a bold, artistic touch.

Lucite acrylic is easy to care for, comes in a range of designs, and works well with virtually any interior design style. This unique material can be used to make tables, frames for chairs or sofas, and much more to give any home a bold and unique component. The clear material adds a fun, funky element to any room, too.

4. Metal Furniture Materials

From iron to steel, metal is a popular choice for furniture, but it’s commonly used as an insert or form of support rather than the main attraction. However, with the popularity of industrial styles for home decor, metal is making a comeback when it comes to furniture design.

You can find metal featuring distressed finishes, shiny metallics, or a classic matte black color. Known for its sheer strength and durability, metal is often used in the furniture manufacturing process rather than as the main feature. If you love the idea of metal furniture, look for accent tables or shelving crafted of this sturdy element.

5. Leather

More commonly used as upholstery, leather adds a sophisticated component to furniture. This organic material comes in several different “grades” or quality levels that can affect the price and durability of the product.

Leather is easy to maintain overall with the right care and treatment. You’ll find leather used to make everything from comfortable sofas and chairs to ottomans, benches, and more. This option looks beautiful in any style of home, which is another reason why it’s such a popular choice for so many people.

6. Teak Wood

This hardwood is very well-known for its durability and moisture resistance. Teak wood resists cracking, warping, and rotting which also makes it a popular choice for outdoor furniture, too.

This natural material is extremely strong and hard-wearing which means it can stand up to practically whatever comes its way. Not only will you find teak used to make furniture, but it’s also utilized in other ways like window frames, doors, and flooring. Thanks to its amazing load-bearing capabilities, it’s also used as wood cross beams in some new construction homes.

7. Fabric

From chenille and velvet to linen, fabric is a popular and widely used material for upholstering furniture as well as for bedding and accessories. Thanks to the soft feel of fabric and the endless array of colors, it’s often found on seating pieces, headboards, and used as window coverings (curtains, etc.).

Since the type of fabric you can use for furniture varies greatly, it’s important to look for something that’s easy to clean and maintain. Microfiber and canvas are both excellent choices for furniture in busy households. Luxury fabric like silk or plush velvet is a beautiful choice to help create a sophisticated space.

8. Plastic

Although it might not be as popular as many other furniture materials, plastic certainly has its place in the world of home design. This lightweight artificial material is commonly used to make outdoor furniture since it does a great job of resisting moisture.

You’ll also find plastic used to make a variety of children’s furniture items, such as small tables and chairs. Since plastic isn’t very durable, it tends to cost much less than other types of material. However, it can easily be made into a variety of colors and is a good option if you need furniture on a budget.

Choose Your Perfect Material

From glass and stainless steel to durable teak wood, there is no shortage of furniture materials to choose from. Make sure that you select something that looks beautiful in your home and that will give you the enjoyment and functionality you need for years to come. 

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