8 Amazing Things to Do In Bali, Indonesia

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For every city and country you visit you must have an unique bucket list set to fulfill. Let’s say going on the most scenic drive on the great ocean road, or going island hopping in Phuket is better yet try out skydiving in Seville. So when it comes to Bali tours, you don’t want to miss the unique experience that comes with it. Yes you will cover most of the touristy highlights but what later? Unforgettable unique experiences are the ones that make your trip memorable. So grip tight and keep reading our suggestions below to make the Bali vacation your best one yet! 

  1. Reach for the sky at Munduk Moding Plantation-  yes, you heard that right! Reach out to the clear skies from the 18-metre-long infinity pool in the infamous Munduk Moding Plantation. Get one of the most luxurious yet nature oriented experiences here in any of the resorts you pick. But this one with the infinity pool was beautifully designed Popo Danes with great interiors that are a marvelous mix of modern and culture. You can have breathtaking views of the plantations and the surrounding areas of this village through the glass panel doors. 

Image credits: Unsplash

  1. Balinese Countryside Bike Tour- learning about the local culture and to see the real Bali on a bike would be a great experience isn’t it? You can book yourself a ring biking tour but make sure you stop in Tegalalang Rice Terraces, mount batur for breakfast with a view, coffee and tea plantation and finally the rice fields. 
  1. Mount Batur Sunrise Hike- it’s safe to say that I’m not a morning person, but for his hike after you read about the experience it surely seems like it’s worth it. It goes like this: you’ll be picked up by your tour guide by 2:30 am and from your hotel you would drive easily about hour and a half to get to the bottom of the mountain and from there and walk as long as you can past the touristors once you reach the summit close to the volcanic dust you’ve made it on top! Views from the summit are absolutely dramatic and stunning and the climb will be worth it! On your way back you can spot a lot of places where you can have a healthy yet delicious breakfast. 
  1. Enjoy the dramatic views of volcanoes at Villa Sidemen- catch a long and breathtaking glimpse of the active volcano of Mount Agung from the Villa Sidemen. This resort has large windows that give you great views even from inside the room, you can just sit and admire the rice paddies, perfect foothills and the mighty volcano itself on Mount Agung. 

Image credits: Unsplash

  1. Explore the Tukad Cepung Waterfall- very popular for its waterfalls, somehow this one has been untouched and unexplored. So gear up and head over to the wonder waterfalls, once you get there be sure to look up as the cliffs above is where the waterfalls originate from the river above. Be a little careful of the surroundings here as the locals strive to protect it. The best part is that there is no actual guide to this waterfall or entrance fees as it has been completely off the books. 
  1. Watch a Kecak Dance-  in other words catch the fire and trance dance, it doesn’t get any better than this to see how the local culture of the balinese here is. To make your experience more dramatic you could visit the Uluwatu temple that sits up on a 70-metre cliff and every now and then people gather around the sunsets to watch the Kecak dance. The performances start with a troupe of men bringing about rhythms, tantric chanting and melodies that goes on till the end of the show. And the dance depicts the story of Rama and his life.

Image credits: Unsplash

  1. Live life on the edge of an infinity pool- located in Uluwatu- One Eighty resort has a gorgeous infinity pool that has crystal blue glass bottom overlooking the most dramatic Indian Ocean. It stretches out from the cliff spot and is easily about 500 feet high. You can literally float mid air and enjoy 180-degree views from your room and if you go for villas they come along with a private plunge pool! 

Image credits: Unsplash

  1. Bath in the iconic Peguyangan Waterfall- you would dread reaching this waterfall as the routes are pretty narrow and you would first have to pass through 460 steps and that would give way to this steep ravine that is an opening to the sea. 

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These are one of the few unique experiences that one shouldn’t miss in Bali and the key to finding out such experiences is through intensive research or by approaching a travel agent who would also help you in crafting out a customized Bali trip just for you. It’s not easy to discover untouched gems but once you do the experience can be pretty mind-blowing. What are you waiting for? Go on and plan your very own adventure here in Bali!