7 Tips for Using Illuminating Yellow in Your Home

As COVID-19 hit the world a few months before 2020 began, many people worldwide sought different ways to entertain themselves during the lockdown. Some delved into new skills such as cooking, gardening, the arts, and handicrafts. Others use their time at home to start the DIY and repair projects that have been long overdue. In other words, 2020 became the year when many became productive in various methods.

With people continuing to maximize their time at home, 2021 is an excellent opportunity to spruce up their space with new color palettes and decoration pieces. Plus, Pantone named Illuminating Yellow as one of two colors for 2021. Homeowners who want to introduce this bright color into their space may do so with these seven helpful decorating tips.

Choose Yellow Upholstery and Sheets

Start redecorating your home based on your comfort and functionality. Choose yellow upholstery such as couches and chairs. Yellow curtains, drapes, carpets, and tablecloths are also suitable accents to have in your home. Homeowners of Alabang West in Muntinlupa will find adding yellow upholstery and sheets will add a bright, sunny glow that will complement their creamy and beige walls. 

Before buying new furniture pieces, you may check various yellow shades such as butter, lemon, mustard, and pastel. Using multiple yellow shades may create exciting patterns that will draw the eyes into all parts of your home. 

Pair Illuminating Yellow with Ultimate Gray

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow are two colors chosen by Panton to represent 2021. The former gray symbolizes strength, while the latter represents hopefulness and optimism. Mixing the two colors will establish a sense of durability and resilience. This color combination may best describe many people’s experiences in 2020. They learned to cope and become stronger, both physically and mentally, to face the health crisis while still staying positive and happy. 

To represent the two colors’ characteristics, pair your Illuminating Yellow pieces with Ultimate Gray. You may do this by using gray tones as your wall and yellow for your furniture, or vice versa. Yellow walls with gray furniture and decor create a warm and bright space, while gray walls with yellow pieces establish a relaxed and minimalist setting. Either way, your home will have a bright and sophisticated look because both colors accentuate each other in a balanced and beautiful way. Add a few neutral accents, such as a brown coffee table, a cream rug, or black lamps, to add a bit of contrast to your yellow and gray color scheme.

Introduce Metallics

2021 is also the Year of the Metal Ox. Feng Shui experts highlight the mythical animal’s representation of strength, hard work, and humility, which complement the atmosphere of Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray. They also recommend using various gray and yellow tones in home decor to attract prosperity and good luck.

Metallic accents, such as gold, silver, and platinum, are suitable elements to introduce style, elegance, and good fortune into your home. Brass and gold-plated finishes on mirror frames, lamps, chandeliers, and kitchenware are some of the pieces that may brighten up the cool grays and warm yellows of your space.

Use metal leaf sheets to convert any plain item, such as a mirror, chair, bed, and lamps, into stunning gold and silver gilded objects. Metal leaf is readily available in craft stores and online shops. You’ll also find many metal-leafing tutorials on the Internet to get you started.

Use Colors from Nature

Add nature tones such as browns, blues, greens, and reds to your Illuminating Yellow room. Blues and greens will create a relaxed yet balanced ambiance, while browns and reds may foster a sense of warmth and the outdoors’ comfort. 

Place earth-toned throw pillows and a blanket on your yellow couch or bed. Brown floating shelves starkly contrast your soft yellow or gray walls. Honey-toned wooden surfaces paired with your lemon-yellow walls establish positivity, good fortune, and energetic vibes in your home.

Use Patterns

Using patterns is an excellent way to make your space look more inviting and exciting. For example, a couch with alternating yellow and white lines builds a modern touch for your living room. Rugs or carpets with diamond patterns or squares with varying shades of yellow create emphasis for your floor. Golden table cloths with intricate patterns similar to traditional European styles add elegance to your dining room. Gradient drapes and curtains will surely bring your guests’ eyes to the windows and ceiling area. If you want to bring in more luck and fortune, try yellow fabrics with white polka dots.

Decorate with Artwork

Artworks are another great way to spruce up your blank walls. You’ll find many artists marketing prints and framed copies of their artwork on social media. Search different sites and online shops to find the right painting or print for your home office, living room, and bedroom.

Choose from abstract swirls and patterns, portraits with bold yellows, or landscapes highlighting the two 2021 Pantone colors. Besides paintings, sculptures are also excellent for making your home a gallery showcasing works from various artists. If you live in a cozier space, smaller sculptural pieces and handmade jewelry are compact stylish options that will fit your floating shelves and coffee table.

Introduce Plants to Your Space

No matter the year or season, plants are always great decorations for any space. With gardening as one of the most popular hobbies, many people might have grown enough greeneries to place in dainty pots.

But suppose you want to introduce grown plants into your space, yellow flowering plants such as Begonias, Marigolds, and Calendulas are some great options. Plants such as Snake Plants, Calathea, African Mask Plant, and Chinese Evergreens have yellow tones. Strategically place them in your home to complement other household items with nature and earth tones.

Tying all these seven decorating tips together, Illuminating Yellow best describes how many learned to be resilient and optimistic despite the events that unfolded in 2020. May the color’s representation and these helpful tips let you convert your home into a beautiful den of comfort, good fortune, and wellness.