Having a good night’s rest is quite important for one’s general health; and the overall functioning of the body. Research shows that poor sleep has a negative impact on your hormones, the functioning of the brain, mood, and the ability to work effectively.

Some people tend to work hard and do not dedicate enough time to rest. It is important to note that sleeping well is just as essential as exercising frequently and eating healthy.

Can sleep deprivation cause weight gain and increase the possibility of contracting a disease in children and adults? Many people find it difficult to maintain a regular sleeping pattern.

For some people, this is a natural occurrence. Such people find it hard to sleep despite doing everything possible to achieve a regular sleeping pattern. 

Though it is hard to change one’s sleeping pattern, some things can be done to help sleep better at night.

For anyone trying to lose weight too, it is important to rest well because stress can lead to weight gain. 

Below is a list of seven things you can do to sleep better at night.

1. Cut caffeine

Our very first proposal is to cut caffeine at night, not because it is bad, but because caffeine can keep you awake for a long time. It can last longer in the body than you think. This is because it takes at least 8 hours to digest caffeine.

So if you get to drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon, and you face problems sleeping at night, it may be due to the caffeine that is still in your system.

As a remedy, you can avoid taking anything that contains caffeine for at least 4 to 6 hours before your bedtime. Doing this will help you to sleep faster and easier.

2. Avoid alcohol towards bedtime

Alcohol can help you to fall asleep, but it can also make you restless later. Do not be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night after drinking alcohol before bedtime. Hence, it is not advisable to make alcohol your sleeping aid.

3. CBD oil

CBD oil is commonly known for its several health benefits and therapeutic properties. Some of its benefits include reducing pain, making one feel calm, and helping with sleep deprivation.

According to CBD Kyro, CBD contains substances that can help in inducing sleep and reducing insomnia. 

CBD can also help in increasing the number of hours you can sleep and the quality of sleep, but when it comes to making use of the product, make sure to stick to the prescription given by a medical professional. This is because a particular dosage of CBD oil can make you energetic instead of making you sleepy.

According to Daily CBD Mag, apart from dealing with insomnia, CBD oil also helps to get rid of supporting lack of sleep factors like anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. 

4. Try to relax before bedtime through meditation and exercising

We know work can be demanding, and that can lead to stress. Stress can make you look horrible and negatively impact your sleep cycle. To deal with stress, you can include meditation and exercise in your routine.

This routine can take just ten minutes to an hour of your time. You can just come up with a list of the things that stressed you during the day. This can help you come up with the right plan to deal with the stress.

To de-stress, you can read interesting stories, stretch lightly or meditate. Just find activities that make you calm.

Exercising can be another great stress reliever. The number of minutes or hours you can spend exercising plays a major role in your sleep routine. If you are someone who rather becomes more energetic after exercising, then consider working out earlier in the day.

Frequent exercise every morning can aid in relieving insomnia and make you stay active throughout the day. 

5. Make your bedroom comfy

Ideally, you should make your room quiet and dark before sleeping. For several people, noise or light, no matter how small, can disturb their sleep. Noise coming from the TV or the light on the laptop can easily distract you.

To create a comfortable sleeping environment for yourself, you can use earplugs, closed window blinds, or curtains, or if it is too hot, an air conditioner or humidifier can help you sleep comfortably.

The ideal room temperature to sleep should be between 68 to 72 percent. Once the room temperature is above 75% or lower than 54%, it can disturb your sleep.

6. Eat right and avoid drinking liquids at night

When thinking of things to help you sleep better, you will not want to avoid thinking of what you eat. It is important to avoid eating heavily before bedtime or going to bed hungry. When you go to bed too full, the probability of staying up late is high.

When you experience this, take some milk to help you sleep better. Milk contains tryptophan, which is a substance that can help in promoting sleep. You can also try taking other foods such as almonds, eggs, bananas, or avocados.

Do not drink lots of liquids before your bedtime because it may cause you to use the bathroom a lot during the night, and that can disturb your sleep. 

7. Avoid napping

Do not get me wrong; it is good to take a nap and rest. Napping can help you to feel relaxed, but it is not advisable to take a nap if you have a sleep disorder. If you need to nap, keep it as short as possible, like 15-30 minutes in the afternoon.

Avoid taking a nap towards your bedtime. This will keep you awake for a long period and reduce your sleeping time.

Adequate rest plays a major function in the overall performance of the body. This includes your ability to work and reason. 

With proper rest, you can avoid conditions such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue. People who suffer from any of these conditions can use CBD oil to make them calm and relaxed.