7 Helpful Tips to Declutter Your Home

Did you know that when you’re living in a cluttered home you’re more likely to have sleeping problems and make poor eating choices? Decluttering your home actually works to make you more productive, less irritable, and happier. 

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to declutter your home, but the most important thing is to take action and just start. 

Keep reading for a guide on the best tips to declutter your home for a happier and healthier life!

1. Spring Clean and Donate 

Start your decluttering process with a simple clean of the room you’re decluttering. You need to work within a clean space so that everything is organized and you can easily identify necessary items from clutter. 

Give yourself peace of mind by donating the things you no longer need. The best place to start with this is your closet. It’s easier to make the decision to get rid of clothes and household items when you know they’re going to someone in need. 

Ask yourself: “do I really need this and do I use it? Does someone need it more than me?”

2. Rent a Dumpster

A lot of the decluttering process includes junk removal. There will be stuff that is not in good enough condition to donate or sell. Then it’s time to chuck it away (remember to recycle where possible). 

Renting a Roll Off Dumpster is an easy, stress-free way to get rid of plenty of items. Especially if some of the items are large, such as broken appliances or furniture. You can keep it on your property or in your home and fill it up at your own pace. Afterward, the dumpster company will come to pick it up so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get rid of it.

3. Hold a Garage Sale

What better to motivate you to declutter your home than a garage sale? You’ll be decluttering your home and making some money, too! Hosting a garage sale is a lot of fun and you can turn it into a small event by inviting your friends, family, and neighbors. 

This is a better option than simply throwing things away, or donating items that are valuable.

4. Make the Hard Decision About Sentimental Items 

This is always the hardest part about decluttering, especially if you have a tendency to hold onto everything and hoard items. Explore the emotions attached to each sentimental item. Often simply acknowledging the emotions that hold you back from decluttering, opens up space for you to get rid of things. 

If there are items that ate taking up a lot of space that you find difficult to part with, take pictures. Oftentimes it is simply seeing an item that sparks a memory and nostalgia which causes us to hold onto the item even when we don’t use it. You can make a scrapbook of pictures of sentimental items that you can look at whenever you feel like a trip down memory lane.

5. Declutter in Sessions 

The best way to declutter is to do it in sessions. Spending hours on end making decisions about what to get rid of, drowning in a sea of household items is overwhelming and oftentimes ineffective as it slows you down the more flustered you get. 

Decluttering takes effort, strategy, and time. Work in small twenty to thirty-minute sessions for only a couple of hours a day. Create decluttering strategies that involve working methodically, from room to room, rather than trying to do many things or areas at once. 

This way you can ensure you make the right decisions and you also won’t make a huge mess out of your entire house.

6. Resort and Store Items Better

Sometimes decluttering isn’t about throwing everything away, it’s simply about sorting things out and storing them appropriately so that they’re out of the way. 

This is one of the simplest decluttering tips that is often overlooked. Have you got drawers full of random items? A chaotic kitchen pantry or living room shelf? 

This is especially important when you have items that you really want to keep or that you really need to keep but are cluttering up your house. Sort items into categories and think about storage options. This could include stackable storage boxes, tins for smaller household items or electronics, and food containers for small pantry items such as spices.

7. Get Started Now

It’s easy to procrastinate and wait for the perfect moment to declutter. There is no perfect moment and you need to turn your ‘one day’ into ‘day one.’ The best way to declutter your home is to simply start! 

Once you’ve done a big declutter session, try to keep up with frequent decluttering. If you regularly declutter, you won’t need to do huge, overwhelming sessions again. As mentioned above, start small and continue until you’ve reached a point that you’re happy with. 

Get friends and family involved to give you objective opinions on what to keep and to make decluttering a fun day with loved ones!

Making These Tips to Declutter Your Home Work for You

Take these tips to declutter your home and choose the best decluttering strategy for you, your house, and all your items. Remember to take it slowly, work methodically and donate, recycle, and sell whatever you can. 

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