6 Makeup Essentials for Everyone

Even for the most seasoned connoisseur, less alone a beauty rookie, putting together a nice makeup kit may be difficult and stressful. It might be challenging to figure out which ones are right for you, with hundreds upon thousands of products to pick from.

But don’t worry; whether you’re new to makeup and looking for a decent starting point (or an experienced user wishing to switch things up), this is a list of all the essentials. As such, La Mer is an excellent example of the most affordable yet quality beauty essentials. You can buy La Mer online with the guarantee of excellent quality and affordable price. And, here are a few essential products every beginner needs to have:

1.   Foundation

It would be best to start with a clean canvas, like painters who must prime before painting. As such, foundation is the first step after you’ve primed your skin. And it is advised to use a beauty sponge to apply foundation to prevent the dreaded “cakey” effect. It absorbs the product, allowing you to build up the perfect amount of foundation for your skin tone.

2.   Bronzer

It’s time to make a statement now that you’ve established a faultless foundation. As such, a superb bronzer is among the top five must-have products, emphasising the importance of adding colour to your washed-out skin. But how can this be accomplished without going overboard? For that, it is recommended to dust a little bronzer into the hairline, over the cheekbones, and down the neck to offer a quick effect.

3.   Palette of Neutral Eyeshadows

A neutral makeup palette is a ten on every level. Meanwhile, stick to taupes, bronzes, browns, and cream-coloured shadows for a look that’s easy to blend and flattering on all eye colours. Besides, the eyeshadow brush is a must-have for adding the loose powder to the lids.

Smudge brush: This brush has thick bristles and is used to apply a greater quantity of products. And to have better application control, look for a dome shape the size of a pencil eraser.

Blending brush: It allows you to put a light layer of colour in the crease and/or buff the shadow above it.

4.   Eyeliner

Eyeliner is made up of 90% sexiness, 10% glamour, and 100% vitality. It can also simply transition any makeup look from day to night. Meanwhile, use pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid eyeliner; it’s less fiddly and ideal for novices.

So, you can begin by applying the colour in the centre of the eye and softly dotting the pencil into the lash, and you can work your way towards the edges. Meanwhile, connecting the dots is a simple approach to provide a more natural appearance.

5.   Mascara

Now it’s time to use mascara to extend those lashes. Even the most inexperienced makeup noobs won’t be able to mess up this look. Meanwhile, the days of pumping the wand in the tube and applying multiple applications to plump the eyelashes are over! You can apply one to two coats of mascara with your newly dipped mascara wand before finishing your makeup. Mascara darkens, thickens, and lengthens the lashes for a put-together appearance daily, making it an indispensable cosmetic requirement for novices.

6.   Powder for the Brows

With a brow gel or powder shadow, any novice may begin filling in their brows. However, if you’ve tried out beauty experts’ bold-brow procedures only to end up with brows that don’t look anything like theirs, you’re not alone. But La Mer comes to the rescue with their excellent products that are easily accessible to you as you can buy La Mer online. Meanwhile, when you initially start, the powder is more forgiving. And to avoid applying too much product at once, use a coarser brush to apply the product.

What Not to Do

First, avoid applying a dark bronzer or contour powder. And before trying out daring products or styles, get to know your makeup. In the meantime, blending eye makeup colours, especially shimmer-based ones, maybe complex at first, and one may not be satisfied with the results. Also, remember that colour schemes and textures must be tailored to the individual’s skin tone and characteristics.

Author Name Alison Lurie