6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Living Room Rug

Most modern homes have hard-surface floors. These include hardwood, linoleum, laminate, tiles, and more. 

Hard surface floors resist stains, are easier to clean, and are less prone to attracting odors. However, hard floors are also somewhat cold and uninviting. 

Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds by investing in a living room rug. Rugs are easily cleaned, add warmth to your house, and come in infinite designs, styles, and sizes. 

The only question is, how do you choose the right one for your living room? We’re here to answer your questions. Keep reading for six things you need to consider.

1. Size

First, measure the size of your living room. How much floor space do you want to cover with a living room rug? You can also use a combination of small and large rugs.

Whole-floor coverage can pull an entire room together. However, that might also make it look like your floor is carpeted. For some people, the obvious distinction between their hard floor and the rug is one of the most aesthetically pleasing factors.

2. Material

Next, let’s talk about the material and how the rug is crafted together. There are several different options here, such as woven, tufted, knotted, embroidered, and more. 

This affects the texture and feel of the rug. Are you going for aesthetics, comfort, or a combination of both?

3. Design

You also need to consider different rug designs and how they will compliment your current decor. For example, popular styles include Bohemian, Turkish, modern, geometric patterns, faux fur, Morrocan, and more. Which style of living room rug will suit your home best?

Alternatively, you can opt for custom designed rugs. Here, you can choose your own patterns, style, and colors by working with a company to create the perfect rug for your space.

4. Price 

As with any investment, you must also consider the price. Start comparing rug prices from various companies to determine the most affordable option for your budget. 

However, remember that price and quality often go hand-in-hand. A less expensive rug may fall apart faster, stain easier, and be made of lower-quality materials.

5. Color

Along with style, you need to think about the colors you choose for your living room rug. Do you want a neutral rug that can blend well with various color schemes and designs? Or do you want a rug that is a stand-alone attraction?

If you’re someone who redecorates frequently based on seasons or holidays, you may need to think about how the rug will fit in with your ever-changing decor.

6. Seller Reputation

Finally, when buying rugs online, find customer reviews from popular rug providers. You need to make sure you’re investing in a product that consumers endorse. 

Are customers generally satisfied with the living room rug they received? Was the company easy to work with? How do they handle returns and other customer service issues?

Looking for a New Living Room Rug?

If you’re planning on adding a little warmth and comfort to your home with a new living room rug, we’re super excited for you. We know how much a rug can improve your space. Just make sure you follow the advice listed above to find the right rug for your needs. 

And if you’re looking for more home improvement and consumer advice, check out some of our other articles while you’re here. We have tons of content created to help people like you make great decisions and investments.