6 Best Celebrity Inspirations for Y2K Fashion 

How often do you wish to go back in time? In the good old days when Britney Spears ruled the charts, Jennifer Lopez was a regular on the TV screen and social media was yet to take over a significant time of our day. It certainly feels good to revisit the simpler times of the 2000s. While mentally recollecting those times is the only way to relive those moments, you most certainly can stride in the fashion trends of the 2000s. A distinctive style, Y2K fashion was indeed ahead of its time while being very catchy. Carrying futuristic and tech-loving elements, the Y2K bug was the perfect amalgamation of technological advancements and pop culture.

Y2K fashion, no doubt, also carries the reputation of being overly gaudy. Well, we cannot deny that it does come across as tacky on some occasions. We are talking pink bubble-gum belts, metallic tops, low-rise pants, velour tracksuits and chunky footwear. But let’s also agree on the fact that Y2K fashion is fun and just so earnest. What’s more? We can also see our favourite celebrities sporting the trend currently. Over the months, stars like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have returned with their Y2K fashion wears. Albeit, with a little more of a modern feel. Let’s explore how these stars are bringing back the Y2K fashion trend in style.

Kim Kardashian in a velour tracksuit

Velour tracksuits have always been a favourite among the girls from the Y2K era. Rendering a chic look, Kim Kardashian has always been a fan of this suit. The star has been spotted in these velour tracksuits on several occasions. Well, we can also say that they make for a great picture of our fashion dreams. And who does not want to possess a track from the Juicy Couture collection? If you are looking for inspirational airport looks inspired by Y2K fashion, these comfy and cosy sets must make their way to your wardrobe.

Gigi Hadid holding a baguette bag

Have you been seeing a lot of women strutting around holding small little bags? Then you may have also guessed that these have always been the ‘it’ bags. Moving around with a tiny bag slung over the shoulder was a very common fashion statement made in the Y2K trend period of the 2000s. What truly makes the bag a great fashion piece is that they are perfectly sized to hold your daily essentials while not taking away from your outfit. Baguette bags are steadily moving up the ladder of fashion essentials and are much welcome.

Kaia Jordan Gerber in a bucket hat

 The bucket hat is certainly an iconic accessory that we should add to our wardrobe. With superpowers to elevate the look of any outfit, it makes for an essential during summers. The hat has been spotted on Kaia Jordan Gerber and her Y2K fashion look is one to add to the stylebook. But let’s also note, the simpler understated versions certainly do look better than the gaudy bulky hats.

Paris Hilton in a pleated skirt

We bet that you may have always held on to at least one of your pleated skirts. Extremely cute, these were difficult to part away with. But if you already did, you must take inspiration from Paris Hilton and restock your wardrobe. The pleated skirt was a major part of the Y2K fashion era and is making a big comeback. The styling options with this skirt are innumerable and it does bring in the nostalgia of the 2000s.

Britney Spears in a cropped tee

Britney Spears has been one of the biggest flagbearers of the Y2K fashion comeback movement. She has been spotted in cute cropped tees on several occasions and we can never get enough. The tee is typically cropped above the belly button while fitting well across the chest. The tees look extremely chic when paired with skirts or a loose-fitted denim pair of jeans. Carry a baguette bag and you are good to go out to a girl meet.

Lindsay Lohan in low-rise jeans

Who thought we’d be stepping away from high-waist jeans? Don’t roll your eyes. You may bash or loathe the low-rise fit jeans, but you cannot ignore them. A growing number of celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, are warning us up to this Y2K fashion apparel. The current trends certainly point out the fact that these pairs are making a big comeback. Will you be giving this pair of denim a chance in your lookbook?

To sign off

The Y2K fashion move is incredibly aesthetic and quite distinctive. It came in during the 1990-2000s, and ongoing celebrity appearances prove that it is going to see a brighter light in 2022. Fashionistas are indeed optimistic about this new comeback that is bound to change the future of modern fashion. Furthermore, Y2K fashion is bound to inspire different genres of music, art and film.
We are excited to go the retro edge with pleated skirts, colourful sunglasses and baguette bags!