6 Benefits of Living in a Furnished apartment in Georgia 

Georgia is a beautiful state to explore and settle down in. Whether you’re staying in Georgia for a short stay or trying to move long-term, it’s in your best interest to find an apartment you love. Many people find themselves in Georgia for corporate relocations or job assignments. If you are looking for housing for a relocation, you can easily find different furnished apartment options throughout the state. Here are six benefits of living in a furnished apartment in Georgia.

  1. Simplify the Moving Process

The best benefit of living in a furnished apartment is how easy they make moving. Rather than packing all of your furniture and other belongings into a truck or your car, you only have to bring the essentials. All you need when moving into a furnished apartment is the keys.

Once you’re in, you can kick your feet up and get used to your new apartment. It’s much easier to move when all you have to bring are your clothing, maybe some kitchen items, and anything else you would like to make the apartment feel more like home.

  1. Lower Moving Costs

Another benefit of moving into a furnished apartment is saving money on moving and furnishing costs. Furnishing an apartment is a costly task. The average cost range of furnishing a one-bedroom apartment is between $4,500 and $9,500. This is a very wide price range, but it depends on the quality of the furniture you buy and if you decide to have it delivered and put together or if you will be building the furniture yourself.

Either way, moving into a furnished apartment in Georgia eliminates the cost of buying your furniture. Not to mention the amount of time it can take to find pieces you like and have them delivered in a timely fashion.

  1. Eliminate Stress

Moving to Georgia is exciting, but if you’ve never lived there or are going for work, you will already be a bit stressed about the move itself. You can easily eliminate stress during the move when you find a furnished apartment. Instead of taking the first couple of weeks to set everything up in your apartment, you can start to explore your new city or suburb. You will have extra time to figure out the best way to your office, and maybe even enjoy a post-work happy hour with your new colleagues.

No matter where you move in Georgia, you’ll be able to find furnished apartments that meet your standards. When you first start looking, another way to eliminate stress is to tour those apartments. If you can’t go in person, you may be able to take virtual tours through realtors or corporate housing companies.

Major cities and suburbs like Atlanta and Augusta will have plenty of different furnished housing options for you to research and tour. If you find you’re struggling to find the perfect furnished short-term rental, this resourceful guide will help point you in the right direction. After you’ve toured a couple of different places and asked all the right questions, you will be able to move into your furnished apartment with little to no stress.

  1. Move in Quickly

If you are moving for a short amount of time or a corporate relocation, you may not have too much time to move to your new place of work. Most companies give their employees a month to move to their new job assignment. While this may feel like plenty of time, a month can fly by especially when you’re planning the intricacies of a move to Georgia. Moving into a furnished apartment allows you to move in swiftly. You can get to Georgia in the morning and be completely moved in by nightfall in a furnished apartment.

  1. Optimal Corporate Housing and Short-Term Options

Furnished apartments are incredible options for corporate housing relocations or short-term moves. You can easily move in and out of a furnished apartment without blocking off days to move all of your things. You also won’t have to commit to buying furniture just to get rid of it or move it to a different place in a couple of months. Instead, you can enjoy the place for a short time and move on to the next place.

  1. Make it Your Own

While moving into a furnished apartment may not feel too homey, you can always decorate. Decorating a furnished apartment helps make it feel like you’re own even if you didn’t pick out the furniture yourself. Feel free to hang family photos, and add plants and other renter-friendly decorations for the duration of your stay. If you’re living there for a couple of months or a longer stay, you want to make your Georgia apartment feel like home as best as you can.


If you find yourself moving to Georgia for corporate relocation or a short-term stay, you’ll want to make sure you check out a furnished apartment. While they may be more expensive than their unfurnished alternative, the benefits make them worth the investment. Especially when you find the perfect furnished apartment to call home in Georgia.