5 Ways to Have a Spectacular Vacation in Denpasar

There are many spectacular ways to enjoy a vacation in Denpasar, Bali. Not just watching the sunset in Kuta Beach or taking advantage of the Bintan ferry emerald class. You can do other attractive activities to make the holiday atmosphere more memorable.

Geographically, Denpasar is only 124 square kilometers. However, when it comes to traveling in the capital of Bali, it varies. Suitable to be used as a tourist location for various types of groups, also for you.

How to Have a Spectacular Holiday in Denpasar?

For those of you who want anything from relaxation, adventure, to culinary tourism. Denpasar is the place where you can explore the best tourist destinations for any purpose. Prepare enough time and maximum energy.

  1. Adventurous Trip

Taking an adventurous trip is very suitable for those who like this combined activity. Prepare a backpack filled with necessities during the trip, then explore some of the best locations for adventure tourism in Denpasar.

You can start by exploring the main streets in the city center while enjoying the sights and activities of the residents, which are very harmonious with Hindu cultures. Then come to Padang Galak Beach with an incredible view. Here, you can also do various outdoor activities.

  1. Shopping Holiday

Many shopping places are available in Denpasar City, like the traditional ones, there are Kreneng and Kumbasari markets. Then for modern shopping tourism, several malls are also available, starting from Trans Studio Mall, Plaza Renon, to Level 21 Mall.

You can buy various Balinese to branded goods, of course at prices that are affordable.

  1. Relaxing Getaway

If you want a more relaxing getaway, then there are two choices for you. First, you can go to beaches like Mertasari Beach with clean sand and clean sea water. Second, you can also visit Serangan Island, a quiet and perfect place to take some rest during your holidays.

  1. Culinary Tour

If you want to taste traditional Balinese food in Denpasar, several places are ready to serve the best menu. You can come to Segara Bumbu in the Peguyangan area to taste various seafood products.

Don’t forget to stop by at Gula Bali The Joglo, where there are a variety of Balinese specialties with unique spices. There is also Arjuna’s plecing (water spinach) satay at Puri Kaja, served with chicken, goat, or pork satay.

  1. Family Vacation

If you’re wondering what to do in Denpasar with your family, make your dream holiday come true by inviting your loved ones to the Braja Sandhi Monument on Jalan Raya Puputan. You can have a family picnic or day out while enjoying the beauty of this historical monument.

You can also enjoy educational tours to several sacred temples in Denpasar, such as the Pura Agung Jagatnatha and Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Center.

Are you ready to enjoy a memorable vacation in your own way? Do it according to your dreams so you can visit all the best places in Denpasar City.