Moving is mainly associated with mayhem, and it can be very stressful when you are not adequately prepared for it or when moving in a hurry. But with a few tricks and hints here and there, you can make a move less stressful for you, your family, and any pets involved. The best way to achieve a stress-free move is to start planning for the move in advance. That ensures you have plenty of time to declutter, pack, choose a moving company, and ensure everything is in order on the moving day.

But there are many things no one will tell you about simplifying a move. But worry not, here are some of them.

Prepare a moving checklist.

Similar to how a simple shopping list can save you from making costly mistakes of forgetting some groceries, a moving checklist can save you a lot when preparing for a move. Write down all the steps you need to take and everything you need to take care of, and start ticking one by one as you accomplish them. That will keep you on track and ensure you do not make any costly mistakes. A moving checklist also gives you an idea of the packing materials you need, how much work is required, and a clear plan for moving.

Photograph room setups

Are you fond of how perfectly your house is organized? Does the thought of having your interior setting any other way make you sad? Worry not. You can photograph your initial room setups before you start taking things out into boxes. If someone arranged your books and you want them to remain the same way in your new place, photograph the setup to emulate it when organizing the new house. A quick snap comes in handy.

Keep the clothes in hangars

There is no need to take your clothes off the hangars to pack faster and smoothly. Just grab a section of the clothes and tie the hangars together with a rope or cable tie. Then poke the hangars through the bottom of a bin bag and pull over the clothes to protect them throughout the movie. Your moving company can also provide specialty wardrobe boxes for hanging the clothes during the move.

Tape drawers shut

You don’t have to waste time unpacking movable chest drawers only to pack them again when you arrive in the new place. Unless they are too heavy to lift, you only have to tape them shut or wrap them in a plastic film like you do furniture. By taping the drawers shut, you prevent them from opening and hitting the movers as they carry them to the moving truck.

Use beddings and cushions to fill empty boxes.

To prevent items from shifting in boxes, use beddings and cushions to fill empty spaces. A full box will not move around, and the items will not get damaged. You can also use them as wrapping for other things and pieces of furniture. Also, fill empty containers with smaller items like screws and nuts to ensure no space goes to waste.

The takeaway

Identify fragile items with your movers on the moving day to exercise more caution.