Starting a business is easy, but growing one is the most challenging part. Get a profitable business idea. Identify and define the demographics of your target market, and sell something valuable to them.

Due to intense competition in the business world, businesses need to use the right marketing strategies to generate sales and stay relevant. 

Several businesses start today and end up closing or failing, whereas companies like; Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple have been in the industry for years. What marketing strategies are these big brands using? What makes these brands strive despite the competition?

What are the best marketing strategies to deploy? 

There is no specific response or a definite answer to this question that handles all business scenarios. The best strategies need planning and the right budget to run successful campaigns and ads.

What strategies do these top brands use? Research shows that what makes them stand out is how brands present themselves, respond to their customers, and stay true to their values and missions.

This article presents some of the simple yet valuable marketing strategies that big brands have used over the years to build their brand name.

Below is a list of marketing strategies used by big brands that every marketer needs to master: 

  • Brand Consistency like Coca-Cola 

Research shows that coca-cola is one of the most popular brands in the world. How did coca-cola create such a recognizable brand? Simplicity made kept its brand identity and consistency with their product for over the years.

The red and white color of their logo is easy to remember that they have maintained since creation. Though they tend to have different marketing slogans and taglines, they all promote the same message.

It is their level of consistency. For over 130 years earned Coca-Cola one of the biggest brands in the world. Their consistency is one of the things that made them sell and remain a strong competition.

Business owners and marketers seem to lack consistency when it comes to developing their marketing plans and developing their brand.

 The temptation to change logos, rebrand, and follow recent new tricks will always be there but will they last long or pay off? Focus on one thing, as explained in the book-selling the invisible by Harry Beckwith.

To keep up with marketing trends while drawing inspiration from the best in the business, check out Cool Things Chicago’s list of the best marketing books of all time. 

  • Creating a Movement like Apple

Apple did not attain its success in one night. One thing that sold Apple was its ability to start a movement. This movement helped the brand develop a strong customer base that has remained consistent all over the years.

Apple has only shown the world its products but built the image that their products are life-changing. Their marketing has also aided target customers to improve their lives in some way.

To start and maintain this image, you need to be an innovative thinker and create a product that people will always need. Always market your product or service in a simple yet thought-provoking manner.

Look at Apple ads; you will find out there is nothing extra about them. They are short, simple, and concise. Their ads create the feeling of taking part in something different modern, and innovative.

Their customer service is also mind-blowing. Here are some ways to make people fall in love with your brand.

  • Provide a lot of vital information for free
  • Listen to your customers and always attend to them swiftly.
  • Present your products and services attractively and artistically.
  • Be original and consistent while maintaining good customer service.

Apart from taking inspiration from companies like Apple, keeping up with global marketing trends is extremely important to succeed in marketing. 

  • Creating Trust like Colgate

Instead of just forcing their products down people’s throats, Colgate has taken another approach over the years, educating their consumers instead. 

This tactic has aided the brand sells its toothpaste and become a leading and trustworthy brand in the world.

In marketing, there are several ways of promoting trust, but nothing is as significant as educating customers and showing how your product can benefit.

As part of its marketing strategy, it is filled with educational videos and tutorials on oral care and hygiene.  

This is a marketing strategy that all brands can use. Most consumers love free information and learning about things that will have a positive effect on their lives.

To rebuild this strategy for your business, think about what your consumers will be interested in learning and what information can improve their lives. This way, customers can easily recommend your brand to others.

You can use blogs, eBooks, videos, and emails to give all the help your customers need and build long term relationships and brand trust.

  • Having a Social Strategy like Starbucks

Having a strong social media presence is vital if you want to take our business to the next stage. Social media is essential as it aids create brand identity, authority, and trust. 

It also aids consumers to connect with your brand on a more personal level, which aids in building stronger relationships with time.

Starbuck is one of the companies making use of different social media platforms to build their business. Here are some reasons why they are successful in social media:

  • They respond to customer comments.
  • They also follow back some of their customers.
  • They know all recent events and use them to their marketing benefit.
  • They create numerous unique hashtags that have gone popular.

Running a successful social media marketing campaign must not be something huge. Connecting with your customers will always be the best marketing campaign.

  • Selling a Story like Nike

One thing with Nike is that they do not sell just a product but a story. On Nike’s main homepage, the brand covers a story about some of their popular shoes. They also cover the journey they have taken from conceptualization to launching.

Every product or service you sell has some story, and if you can be creative enough, you can come up with a compelling story for your brand. Think about exciting facts your target consumers will be interested in.

You can choose to blog about these details or create a video that lets people see the other side of your brand. This will help in building a customer-business relationship.

A good marketing strategy is all about making a decision that builds and maintains a specific set of qualities that makes your brand stand out. To be successful in marketing starts with having a robust strategy that supports the expansion of your business.

Commence by thinking about your strengths and what you can offer your consumers. Your content creation and marketing are critical in today’s digital age.