5 Things to Know About Inpatient Detox

The first step in recovery from drug addiction is detox. The addict must rid their body of the toxic substances which have been flooding it before they can begin their journey to wholeness. For many types of addiction, inpatient detox is the right choice but the search for a suitable location can be frustrating.

When you search for an inpatient detox near me, you’ll likely get hundreds of results. Making the right choice is paramount to your success. You may understand that you’ll have to endure a physical process, but you want it to be medically safe and you want to be as comfortable as you can be.

Here are 5 things to consider before deciding on an inpatient detox near me.

Consider Credentials

Look over the staff pictures and blurbs to get an idea of who may be working with you. See if the staff has earned any special accreditations or certifications. If so, then they probably love their job and perform well, making them more pleasurable to be around.

Check to see if the facility itself has earned any accreditations or certifications. Look specifically for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditations.

Medical Support

The detox process can be complex. When you search for an inpatient detox near me, choose a facility with medical staff on site. You don’t want a medical staff ‘on call’ or ‘available,’ you want them ‘on site,’ meaning on the premises around the clock. This helps guarantee your safety throughout the process while ensuring you’ll be as comfortable as possible.


When searching for an inpatient detox near me, you want to find a facility with compassion at the core of its value system. You want to know that the staff will practice kindness, understanding, and humanity as you undertake this difficult process. You don’t want your feelings to become a roadblock to your recovery so it’s imperative that the staff doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

Treatment Plans

When it comes to inpatient detox near me, one size does not fit all so you want to be sure that the facility you choose offers personalized treatment plans. A treatment plan that works well for someone else may not necessarily be your roadmap for success so it’s important that the facility you choose can be customized.


Inpatient detox near me facilities should be in a quiet, comfortable setting free of everyday distractions so you can focus on healing. Detox is hard work and you need to be able to concentrate on you. This is one characteristic which is often overlooked but if you look at the most successful inpatient detox near me centers, they are in tranquil settings.

Inpatient Detox Near Me

When you start searching for an inpatient detox near me, you may be tempted to just choose one from the search engine results. If you’re going to go through the detox process, you should give yourself the best odds of success. Check out the staff, facility, and credentials. Make sure they are compassionate, have medical staff on site, and offer customized treatment plans. Then ensure the inpatient detox near me center you choose is located in a tranquil setting free of distractions. Before you know it, you’ll be on the road to recovery.