5 Signs You Need To Find A New Auto Body Paint Shop

It seems like it would be really easy to tell when you have run across a lousy auto body paint shop, but that’s not always true. It is relatively tricky to spot bad paint jobs unless you look at them directly under the sun.

There are red flags you should look out for before hopping in and driving away from the shop. Whether you noticed a glaring problem or something is less than perfect about your newly painted car, here are some things to be on the lookout for.


Paint shops that are not very reputable tend to offer quick fixes. If you are not a professional, it might seem like everything is fine and it is time to get right home, but essential steps may have been missed. It is not uncommon for them to forget to mask off the parts of the vehicle that are being painted. Panels that were not masked off will have extra paint on the surface. This is commonly referred to as overspray. Not only is this difficult to remedy, but it is likely several areas may need to be painted again.

Color Matching Issues

Having matching paint colors is complicated and time-consuming when you hire inexperienced auto body painters. The main issue here is that many car owners overlook blemishes and abnormalities on the panels.

Understandably, they are difficult to see, even under high-quality artificial lighting. If you start to see problems as soon as you are out beneath the sun, you should definitely seek out a different place to perform these services in the future.

Uneven Texture

There is a particular manner in which auto paint needs to be sprayed. If it is sprayed very close to the surface, the textures may look very uneven. They can look like waves, ripples or orange peels. This typically happens when someone is trying to rush through the process. It is also possible they have used heat to quickly dry paint between each layer.

Visible Runs and Sags

A car with sagging paint is a horrible sight to see. This occurs when the paint has not been mixed properly. Layers that are too thick will begin to run while it is drying underneath a heat lamp. Sags and runs in the paint can cause awful wrinkles that can be seen easily, even from a distance. Even if the sags are not very severe, this is bothersome. Your car paint should be sleek and shiny. If it is not, having it painted again will be necessary.

The Vehicle Was Not Sanded Properly

If there is any kind of damage on the surface of the vehicle, repairs will have to be made and fillers will likely be used. Once the polyester fillers have had time to set, they will have to be sanded down and shaped. Higher quality fillers will help in creating a smoother texture, but cheap or unreliable auto body repair shops may skip this part. The result will be a car that has bumps, pits and strange bulges.

Auto Body Paint Shop

As a car owner, you should never settle for a less than perfect paint job. If you notice any of the above issues, you should head to a different shop to get things in order. Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop offers top-notch auto painting services in the Pomona area. Contact us at (909) 764-8624 if you would like more information!