5 Rewarding Benefits of Hiring End of Lease Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaners doing the job together, three women with trolley working

Moving out of an apartment or other residential rental can be incredibly exciting. In most cases, it means you’re moving on to something bigger and better. In either case, it means you’re starting a new chapter of your life.

However, it’s important not to forget about your end of lease cleaning amidst all the other things going on. The return of your deposit likely depends on the condition in which you leave the apartment.

As such, we highly recommend hiring professional cleaning services to complete your end of tenancy cleaning. Not sure if it will be worth it in the end? Keep reading for the top five benefits of hiring out the job.

1. Increase the Odds of Getting Your Deposit Back

In most rental agreements, the tenant is required to place a deposit down on the unit. This is to secure the rental unit for their home and serves as a safety net for the landlord. If the tenant causes damages to the unit, the landlord can use the deposit to pay for repairs,

Most deposits are anywhere from one to three month’s worth of rent. This is no small fee.

If you want to maximize your chances of getting your deposit back, hiring professional cleaning companies to complete your end of lease cleaning is your best bet. You can show your receipt to the landlord to prove that the unit was professionally deep cleaned.

Some cleaning companies even offer a deposit back guarantee. Learn more about this to find the right cleaning company.

2. Oblige Your Landlord’s Requirements

In some leasing contracts, the tenant is required to have the unit professionally deep cleaned if they want to get their deposit back. This is because landlords have learned that tenants generally don’t have the proper knowledge, equipment, and cleaning experience to get the job done to their satisfaction. If you cannot provide proof that the unit was professionally cleaned, you run the risk of losing your entire deposit due to a breach of contract.

3. Save Time

If you opt to hire professional cleaning services to complete your end of tenancy cleaning, you can save countless hours of hard work. If you try to clean the place by yourself, it will take exponentially more time, effort, and energy.

Conversely, if you hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you, you won’t have to spend any time getting the unit up to par.

4. Focus on What Really Matters

When you hire the best cleaning service for your end of lease cleaning, you can wash your hands of the obligation. After all, you probably have much more important things to focus on. You should be placing your efforts in getting your new home ready, rather than scrubbing soap scum out of the tub of your old rental.

Professional cleaning companies specialize in deep cleaning homes. Let them focus on their job so you can focus on your life.

5. Limit Frustration

Finally, when tenants try to do their own cleaning and do not provide proof of hiring professional cleaning services, it gives the landlord a reason to be more critical. Often, this leads to the final inspection coming back with discrepancies.

In many cases, the landlord will give you the opportunity to make amends. However, this frequently results in losing large chunks of your deposit. Either way, negative marks can be incredibly frustrating after spending hours of your time cleaning.

Do You Need End of Lease Cleaning Services?

If you’re moving out of your apartment or residential rental, do everything you can to get your deposit back. You can use that money as a downpayment on a new home, to buy new furniture for your next place, or to put toward moving costs. Use a professional cleaning company for your end of lease cleaning to maximize your return.

And if you want more insight and advice, stick around for a while. Read through some of our other articles to find more valuable information on cleaning, homeownership, renting, finances, and more.