5 Residential Window Tinting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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If you’re wondering how to tint windows, you’re not alone. Getting the right tint to your windows can enhance the aesthetic of your home in ways that other touches can’t rival.

Tinting residential windows can also provide several benefits to your home, such as energy conservation, UV protection, and additional privacy. Sounds perfect, right?

However, in trying to tint their home windows, homeowners often make mistakes that lead to poor quality tinting. Some of these mistakes come from the homeowner’s direct missteps, while others come from poor-quality service from companies.

To avoid any window tinting mistakes, we’ve compiled a quick list of 5 common errors people make when tinting windows. We hope this article helps!

1. Not Cleaning Windows

One of the most common mistakes in residential window tinting comes from homeowners not cleaning their windows beforehand. When you decide to get your windows tinted, you must scrupulously clean your windows.

If you don’t clean them, then any spots or streaks on your windows will remain after they’ve been tinted. That means those spots become impossible to clean without removing the tinting film.

When you clean your windows, make sure you don’t use rubbing alcohol on them. This will make tinting the windows more difficult.

2. Not Doing Research on Companies

When you search for window tinting companies, it’s imperative not to settle for the first one you find. Once your windows become tinted, people will walk or drive past your home every day and notice it. You want to make sure the company you hire provides excellent service with a professional attitude.

3. Not Reading Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are your friends in trying to hire a company to work on your home. There’s a high likelihood you check them out before you buy a product online, so why not consult them before hiring a service?

Reviewers tend to be honest in their responses. If they hated the company, they’ll make that clear. Likewise, if they loved the company, their language usually shines with compliments.

4. Accidentally Hiring a Company that Does Auto Tinting

People who don’t research their intended company well sometimes find a company that knows how to tint windows expertly. The only problem is, the windows are for cars.

If you’re not careful with your search, you may carelessly end up wasting time discussing prices with a company that doesn’t do residential windows. Residential windows require an entirely different skillset than auto tinting, as it’s a much bigger project.

5. Getting an Inaccurate Quote

This mistake is probably the most painful of all. When you discuss your quote with your intended company, be sure you’re clear on what expenses you’re paying. The last thing you want is surprise expenses that end up costing far more than you planned.

Avoid Window Tinting Mistakes

Now that you know what window tinting mistakes to avoid, you’re all set to find a tinting company! When you search, be sure to shop around. Don’t settle for the first company to show up on a results page. Spend some time finding the perfect team for the job!

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