5 Quick Tips on How to Sell a House Fast

Selling a house can take months. The number of days on market depends on various factors, including a property’s location, price, and curb appeal—just to name a few. This process takes even longer in buyer’s markets.

From making small repairs to staging your home for buyers, there are several things you can do to sell a house fast. Like with most things, it’s all in the small details.

Properties in good condition will typically sell faster than those in need of renovation or repairs. The same goes for clutter-free homes, which are more appealing to potential buyers.

So, what does it take to sell your home quickly? Should you make structural improvements or small fixes? Let’s find out!

1. Pick a Selling Strategy

First things first, try to decide whether you want to sell your home yourself or through a real estate agent.

Selling a home by owner gives you more control over the whole process. Plus, you could end up saving thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

Real estate agents charge about 5% of a property’s sales price. Until recently, the average commission was around 6%. In 2020, American homeowners spent a staggering $86 billion in real estate fees.

The advantage of working with a real estate agent is that he knows the market and has experience negotiating home sales. But you can always browse real estate listings to get a better idea of your property’s market value.

2. Make Small Repairs

Next, take the steps needed to prepare your home for sale. Start by making minor repairs to increase its value.

For example, you may fix the roof, repaint the walls, or repair cracked windows. It’s also a good idea to update your light fixtures and replace the carpets.

These small things will not only make your home more appealing but also allow you to charge a higher price.

3. Consider Remodeling the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. If this room looks cluttered and updated, you may find it harder to sell a house fast.

As a general rule, avoid trends and make small but impactful changes. Consider painting your cabinets, hanging pendant lights, or installing a decorative backsplash rack.

4. Get Rid of Clutter

Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living inside the house. Therefore, they don’t expect to see your photos and keepsakes are all over the place.

Declutter and depersonalize your home before listing it for sale. Clear the attic, the basement, and other rooms. Get rid of collectibles, kids’ toys, and other personal belongings.

5. Stage Your Home

More than 80% of real estate agents say that staged homes sell faster. Staging can also make your house look better in photos and boost its value.

Professional stagers can make small but dramatic improvements to a home, such as updating the kitchen floor. They may also bring in temporary furniture, get rid of clutter, and make your rooms feel more inviting.

Sell a House Fast and Hassle-Free

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into selling your home. Common mistakes, such as not preparing for the sale, can slow this process and decrease a property’s value.

If you want to sell a house fast, make sure it appeals to the largest number of potential buyers. Remove the clutter, stage your home, and make small improvements.

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